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Gordon Gino and Fred Viva Espana Review: One Last Rodeo

It’s so good to have these three together and knowing that it’ll be their last series together I’ll make the most of every second of it! Here is our Gordon Gino and Fred Viva Espana review.

Gordon Gino and Fred Viva Espana Review

Credit – ITV

Having traversed some of the best European culinary capitals on offer, Gordon, Gino and Fred are back on the road to explore the next gastronomical gem on their list as they take their trusty RV to Spain to immerse themselves in the very best culture and cuisine on offer.   

First stop is sunny Andalusia, where the boys will be selling seafood and tasting tapas in Malaga, then heading to ancient town Ronda where Gino will be making a meal out of a paella pitstop. All concluding in Jerez to sample sherry, whilst seeing if they’ve got the Flamenco flair. 

Opening with the usual comedic genius this show will be bittersweet to enjoy after Gino left after series was shot due to contract negotiations. Gino didn’t want the business to ruin his friendship with Fred and Gordon and whilst I respect him for this it’s going to be a real shame knowing this will be their last rodeo. 

As they start their journey, a row breaks out about whether or not Spanish food is now more popular than Italian cuisine and low and behold the first argument begins to start us off on this Top Gear of cuisine televised brilliance. 

Gordan says:We’ve come to Malaga and I want to prove to these taste buddies that the cuisine here is some of the finest in all of Spain.”

Gino says: “If you dare say Spanish cuisine is the best in the world, like you did in Greece, I’m walking out.”

They head to a busy seafront restaurant where there is no menu and the waiters offer the dishes as they walk through the restaurant. Gordon, Gino and Fred decide to try their hands at waiting the tables to see who will be the most successful at selling the dishes.

In Ronda, Gino cooks a paella in the RV whilst Fred makes a white sangria. As usual, Gordon offers his help to Gino and there is a near-disaster when the table top stove and paella start to slide around.

Afterwards, Gordon tells Gino:This is better than any of the risottos you have ever cooked me.”


From traversing a vertigo inducing bridge which brings Gino quite literally to his knees to sampling seafood the trio have somehow found the perfect combination of a food show and a buddy road trip.

Too heavy on the food aspect and it’ll be your bog standard cooking show, too heavy on the comedy and the food will be overshadowed. This perfect blend is rare with many hosts lacking in chemistry, not since Hammond, May and Clarkson have I seen a trio more endearing to the British public as Gordon, Gino and Fred.

Gordon has the ego, Gino has the comedy and Fred is the nice balance between the two contrasting personalities who brings a bit of sensibility to proceedings when he’s not wearing budgie smugglers along a Spanish coast. 

Watching the show during the covid times brought a smile to our faces in the darkest of times. A show where the family could sit around the TV and laugh, the ultimate escapism and distraction from all of the negatives going on around us at the time.

That still applies today. Gather around the TV and laugh as Gino mispronounces the word cockles in Spanish going around numerous tables asking people if they wanted more…. well, you know the rest!

I’m one episode in and already I’m going to be singing “People like my toast, people like my toast” for the rest of the week as Gordon and Gino go head to head in a Tapas battle to see who sells the most tapas.

Gordon went for a complex take on a Spanish tortilla with caviar and Gino went for a simple Bruschetta with Tomato mix on the top. Gordon’s complexity went head to head with Gino’s simplicity.

Simplicity won.

In that moment Gordon’s smile was wiped off his face.

Keep it simple, my life motto.

Kick back, relax and enjoy a beautiful adventure of camaraderie in this incredible show and savour the flavour of every minute these three bring joy to our television screens on ITV. It won’t be the same without them! 

Gordon Gino and Fred Viva Espana Review by Sean Evans

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A trio that has won the hearts of the British public and a show that brings joy and happiness to everyone who watches it. A celebration of food, friendship and adventure that will never be forgotten, thank you for the laughter during the darkest times and thank you for the memories.

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