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Gotham City Escape Review: Europe’s Answer to Velocicoaster

We are back from the Parque Warner Madrid press event for the launch of the brand-new Batman-themed rollercoaster and it is AMAZING! Here’s our Gotham City Escape review.

Gotham City Escape Train

Bruce Wayne has opened the doors of Wayne Manor and invited us all to come inside for a tour of the estate. The doors open as we step into the detailed main hall and bask in the treasure trove of exuberant Bruce Wayne artefacts and priceless art.

It’s all going swimmingly until the Joker infiltrates the manor and puts all of us in danger, our mission should we choose to accept it is to get to a safe room within the manor before we make our quick escape.

INTAMIN Parque Warner

Officially opened on May 13th we were invited down on May 12th as just one of two UK outlets to visit the attraction. What an honour that was and what an incredible event Parque Warner put on to celebrate the ride launch.

We were greeted with drinks and a photocall reception where we could have photos with various DC characters before sitting down and watching a presentation and a stunt show.

Sean Evans Gotham City Escape Press Night

The stunt show was a high-octane spectacle including quad bikes, the Batmobile, zip lines, fire effects and more. It was much more than I was expecting to see during a press event and they went above and beyond to deliver one hell of a show!

Batman Gotham City Escape Experience

Gotham City Escape Opening

Stepping through the gates of Gotham City Escape was quite a surreal experience. There was a wonderful atmosphere and excitable tension in the air as people were eager to see just what was inside the show building.

The exterior of the ride could clearly be seen throughout the day with many vantage points to get the perfect shot of the ride flying past during testing but the interior of the ride building was a mystery.

Gotham City Escape Batman Sign

Only a handful of images had been released from the park showcasing the new attraction and no one was certain of what to expect. We quickly rushed through the door as our collective jaws hit the floor.

Before us was the inside of Wayne Manor and it looked like it had been plucked straight from a movie. Antiques lined the sides behind display rope, beautiful bookcases were ceiling tall and a giant fireplace stood in the middle of the room with a portrait of the Wayne family above it.

Wayne Manor Gotham City Escape

A scene later involving some green smoke filling the mansion did feel as though it was dragging on somewhat. A 5-6 minute pre-show is overkill and will certainly rack up those queue times. It really does need to be shorter for operation’s sake but that niggle aside we make our escape and enter the Batcave. SHUT THE ATTRACTION DOWN IMMEDIATELY AND LET ME SLEEP IN HERE!

Batcave Gotham City Escape

My, oh my, this was the most beautiful themed space I’ve seen in a long time. It has been done wonderfully and looks absolutely phenomenal. This is one spot where every single person will take out their phone and capture this set. It really is a showstopper and despite the Gotham Subway being an impressive set straight after walking out of the cave it’s already lost its wow factor with the bat cave stealing the spotlight.

Ride Experience

Joker Set Piece Parque Warner

After taking a seat on the very comfy Intamin trains themed around the Batmobile our experience begins.

You turn the corner and are meeting with a preshow whilst on the launch section of the ride, the Joker greets you and your escape begins with a very snappy launch.

Sean Evans and Joker

Every single element of this ride has been perfectly designed to a tee. An engineering masterpiece as every airtime moment ejects you out of your seat with such velocity and you’re really hanging on for dear life. This insanely thrilling feeling is carried through every launch and inversion and a stall where you’re hanging upside down for what feels like an eternity.

Gotham City Escape Trains

The onboard audio is taking you on an adventure and the giant 45-metre top hat hangs you over the edge in slow motion before audio kicks in and sends you over the top whipping you down into the rest of the layout.

12 passenger trains hurtle around the Gotham-themed area that is already themed to perfection (to be expected from Parque Warner) and at night it was truly wonderful with all the lights immersing you in the area and the story which the ride has weaved.

Whilst the interior of the ride had some insane theming the outside of the ride has very limited theming aside from some bridge segments with Poison Ivy on there. There’s no theming outside which is actually a shame because if you’re escaping Wayne Manor you’re essentially in Gotham so having some Gotham-related items dotted around the ride layout would compliment the buildings you quickly pass thereafter.

Gotham City

Travelling 1010 in 111 seconds is certainly a relentless experience but it’s one that the second you disembark you want to go around again. Even at the end of the ride there’s a little surprise and animatronics to watch as you get back into the station, it’s just the perfect interior package I just wish there was a little more Gotham theming around the track layout itself.

The entire Gotham City Escape investment has cost more than 20 million euros and Intamin has certainly created our very own European Velocicoaster. From everyone who I spoke to it’s not on the same level of the Florida-based monster but it’s certainly a coaster to put Parque Warner on the map but don’t stop there.

Joker Gotham City Escape

Gotham City Escape is the first major rollercoaster at the park for 20 years and with this new level of theming being a step up on their already impressive theming (Superman and Shadows of Arkham rides especially) I just hope they continue and build more on this inevitably successful and wonderful new addition.

Throw in overnight Warner Bros themed accommodation and Parque Warner will be a theme park on the world stage. At this moment in time, it feels a little hidden compared to its rivals and it’s a shame as the entire park is picturesque and rather beautiful but you need to advertise to a worldwide audience and turn it into an attraction and then the possibilities are endless for the future of this wonderfully themed park.

Gotham City Escape Merchandise

I’d also highly recommend looking around the merchandise store when you exit the ride. Stay in there and take it all in as the exclusive merchandise range is superb. From mugs to T-Shirts and unique figures and more there’s something for every DC fan out there and the prices are more than affordable.

Thanks for reading this Gotham City Escape review and thanks to Parque Warner for inviting me down to check out the rollercoaster. It truly means a lot that you asked us to come down and share this experience with you and it’s an event and a trip I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Movies and theme parks are my two passions and you ticked them off at the same time, thank you and all the best with this stellar attraction and the future of the park!

Check out our VLOG of the event below:


Gotham City Escape Review by Sean Evans

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