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Govt officer’s son injures five citizens while trying to kill stray dog

THATTA: The son of a senior government officer has injured five citizens in the street while trying to kill a sick stray dog by opening fire at it with a repeater gun in Thatta, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

The youngster was identified as Sajan Memon who opened fire at a sick stray dog in Thatta, leaving five citizens wounded in the street.

Locals shifted the wounded persons to hospital, whereas, a large number of citizens staged a protest outside the government officer’s house.

A citizen alleged that Sajan Memon had also tortured a mentally challenged person by pushing him into a stream.

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The citizen said that a video had also gone viral on social media which showed a mentally challenged person was being tortured by Memon and his friends.

In September last year, an influential person had tortured a rickshaw driver in Karachi’s Punjab Colony and motivated his son to slap the elderly man.

The video of the sorrowful incident had surfaced in which an elderly man was being consistently slapped in the face and being filmed by a man and then a young boy started slapping him multiple times in a humiliating way.

An influential person named Raja targeted the rickshaw driver after he scolded his son. He then brought the rickshaw driver to his residence and he and his son started torturing him.

The man was identified as Kaleem Shah who was appearing in the video while torturing the rickshaw driver.

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