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Greenland’s Ice Melts Thanks To Global Boiling! • Watts Up With That?


By Paul Homewood

One of the babies at the Mail, who claims to be a “Science & Technology Reporter” has fallen hook, line and sinker for this latest dishonest propaganda from NASA:

Shocking before and after photos reveal just how much the Greenland Ice Sheet melted during the ‘hottest month ever recorded on Earth’.

Taken on June 14, the first image snapped by a US satellite shows the Greenland Ice Sheet just before baking summer temperatures took hold.

Meanwhile, the second image from July 24 shows the same region with substantially less snow cover and patches of ‘dirty’ ice where impurities have become exposed.

According to scientists, snow falls on the Greenland Ice Sheet every winter and acts as a protective layer for the glacier ice underneath during the summer.

But experts say hotter summer temperatures are reducing the amount of snow cover and leaving the ice more prone to melting – contributing to sea level rises.

Before & After

A clue for Mr Chadwick – snow falls in winter on Greenland, and in summer it melts. If it did not melt, the ice cap would grow every year.

By the time we get to winter, all of that area in the image will be covered with snow again.

Every summer the Greenland ice cap loses approximately 200 Gt, and this summer is no different.

In fact, the snow melt began much later than normal, thanks to a cold, snowy June. As a consequence, the Surface Mass Balance of the ice cap is greater than average.

Maybe in future the Mail might find a reporter who actually understands these things to write articles on Greenland’s ice cap.

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