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Haleem Adil Sheikh sent to jail on judicial remand

KARACHI: Malir court on Tuesday sent Opposition Leader in Sindh Assembly and PTI leader Haleem Adil Sheikh to jail on judicial remand by rejecting the police’s plea for physical remand in land grabbing case.

Haleem Adil Sheikh is accused of encroaching 25 acres of land in Malir. The PTI leader was presented before the court from jail by anti encroachment officials.

Sheikh complained before the court that he was dragged by his collar during his court appearance and was kept in a ward reserved for hardcore terrorists in the jail.

Infection in my leg has worsened and despite complaints, police authorities did not take any steps for my treatment, Sheikh said.

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Upon being asked by the court the IO of the case replied he did not dragged Haleem Adil  from his collar but he tried to hold him to save from falling.

The anti-encroachment officials pleaded the court for physical remand of Haleem Adil for probe in the case, while the defense lawyer opposed the plea citing health issues.

The court after hearing the arguments from both the sides had reserved the verdict for a while. Announcing the reserved verdict, later, the Malir court rejected plea of physical remand and sent Sheikh to jail on judicial remand.


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