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Harnai remains disconnected from other parts of country

QUETTA: Harnai, the worst flood-hit district of Balochistan province has been cut off from the rest of the country for the last ten days, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

Roads of Harnai and surrounding areas have been swept away in flash floods after heavy rain while two big bridges have also been swept away. 

As per details, Harnai-Quetta Road has been damaged at several places due to landslides at the Chhapar rift spot, while the road has been flooded at several other places, causing closure for traffic.

On the Harnai to 22 miles highway, large stones also fell due to landslides from the mountains, the C&W department is facing difficulties in restoring the traffic due to lack of machinery.

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Due to the disconnection of land connectivity, there has also been a shortage of food items in the district, and people have demanded the government restore the highways.

Meanwhile, the United Nations (UN) and Islamabad will launch a formal appeal Tuesday for $160 million to fund emergency aid for Pakistan, which is battling the worst monsoon floods in a decade.

Pakistani officials say over 1,100 people have died since June, when the seasonal rains started, but the final toll could be higher. This year’s flooding has affected more than 33 million people — one in seven Pakistanis.


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