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Harry, Meghan to have ‘their cake and eat it’ amid UK tour

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gear up to make their much-anticipated trip to the UK next month, a royal expert claimed that the visit will be about the couple ‘having their cake and eating it’.

The Mail columnist Sarah Vine weighed in on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s European tour on the Palace Confidential talk show.

She said that the couple will realize their dream of picking and choosing their duties during the visit.

“The working royals are on quite a punishing schedule of day-to-day stuff, most of which doesn’t get any coverage, most of which isn’t very glamorous, most of which doesn’t involve wearing very expensive earrings and necklaces and saying very meaningful things about poor people, which is what Meghan likes to do,” she explained.

Meanwhile, a royal correspondent and author Victoria Murphy said: “They don’t have to do that anymore: They can come in, sweep in, get lots of coverage and then they can go home.”

“Despite the criticism that they get, they have kind of achieved what they want, because they are now doing the things they want to do in the way that they want to do them and they have that control,” she added.

“And because of their past roles and their links to the Royal Family, they will always be relevant.”

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