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Hollywood Strikes; Gale Anne Hurd, Glen Basner Guest On Strike Talk Podcast – Deadline

In his 16th weekly installment of the Deadline Strike Talk Podcast, Billy Ray continues to explore ways that the shifting sands of the entertainment business can settle in a manner that pleases shareholders of the corporations paying for content, and the talent responsible for creating it with the traditional understanding they share in the upside of success. Joining him are two titan producers who make films and TV on independent and blockbuster levels. Gale Anne Hurd’s credits range from the universes of The Walking Dead and Terminator, and many others. Glen Basner’s FilmNation has been a cornerstone catalyst of independent and studio films and TV. Also, Billy Ray has decided that the word “producer’ no longer belongs in the AMPTP, because these cohorts in content creation are not the ones he and other writers and actors are striking against. He explains why, from now forward, the collection of signatories should be called something else.

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