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‘Hottest Days’ Manipulation? • Watts Up With That?


Steve Milloy

The claim that July 3-4, 2023 were the hottest days in the past 125,000 years is based on satellite data and computer modeling by the University of Maine’s Climate Reanalyzer. But there seems to be a problem with the Climate Reanalyzer.

The chart (above) is a screenshot from this morning. I highlighted the August 20, 2022 date because of what I tweeted below on that date.

My August 20, 2022 tweet from the Climate Reanalayzer shows that average global temperature anomaly on that date was -0.1°C.

But the screenshot from today, says the anomaly was 0.25°C — a 0.35°C difference. What happened? Is the Climate Reanalyzer reanalyzing temperatures to fit the narrative?

Tony Heller and others have spotlighted how data is being manipulated to advance the climate hoax.

Is that what the University of Maine is doing? Any explanation?

Read more about Global Temperatures and data shenanigans at


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