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House of Frankenstein Review: A Shockingly Good Attraction

Residing in Bath is an attraction dedicated to the author Mary Shelley and her iconic book Frankenstein. Step inside the doors if you dare as we bring you this House of Frankenstein review.

House of Frankenstein Review

One of the world’s best-selling novels is inspired by galvanism which is the idea that things can be brought back to life using an electrical current. This reanimation process inspired Frankenstein and since 1816 has been thrilling its readers and audiences ever since!

The novel itself was written in Bath and this attraction pays homage to not only the author and her history but the character. Housed in a Grade II listed building the attraction is spread over three floors including interactive spots, the showpiece full-sized animatronic Frankenstein, an escape room and even a walkthrough horror experience in the basement.

Mary Shelley

House of Frankenstein is located very close to where Mary Shelley used to live and is the world’s first attraction dedicated to the iconic movie monster. The attraction is self-guided and you can spend as little or as long as you like within the building with each room focusing on different elements.

From learning about Mary Shelley and her life filled with tragedy in one room to learning about the origins of Frankenstein in another and then you proceed upstairs to see how Frankenstein has been interpreted in popular culture. One particular room has a Frankenstein pinball machine and all associated toys and memorabilia over the years dedicated to all things Frankenstein.

House of Frankenstein Pinball Machine

I personally struggle taking in so much information if it’s plastered absolutely everywhere so I did struggle very much with this particular walkthrough. There was SO much information to take in and it was absolutely everywhere, I feel as though many of the things to read could have been condensed down somewhat but the atmosphere of the rooms and the building was superb.

Smell pods lingered in the air, lighting effects and creepy sounds followed you through the building and the staircases are filled with posters of Frankenstein movies over the ages.

House of Frankenstein Rooms

Each room had an individual scent and it was in the mourning room where things really hit home as the tragedy that befell Mary Shelley’s life was displayed in such a heartbreaking (yet respectful) manner. The tone of this room perfectly replicated the feeling of sadness and loss. It was quite an uncomfortable space, they’d absolutely smashed it with this particular room. An area where the room told the story rather than physically reading a ridiculous amount of text like in other rooms.

It’s certainly great to have that much information available for those who can take it all in but for me, it was rather overwhelming.

House of Frankenstein

Through some curtains stood a giant 8ft Frankenstein animatronic at home in a breathtakingly detailed laboratory. This animatronic and set was designed by Millennium FX who absolutely smashed it with this one. It’s frighteningly realistic and was crafted from the very brief description that Mary herself described her beloved creature to be.

A medical smell filled the air and this was easily the most impressive space of them all. I almost wished there was a whole floor dedicated to this level of theming for us to walk around and explore. Sticking this particular set up a corner just felt underutilized for me and I’d have loved to have had a full laboratory to walk through (I have expensive taste, I know) delivering a completely immersive experience.

Millennium FX Theming

It was this level of theming that had me excited to take a peek around the Victor’s Lair escape room that the attraction has. An upcharge for guests inside the House of Frankenstein.

The first room was wonderfully detailed but I felt as though after the introductory room the quality diminished considerably. It certainly felt as though they ran out of budget for the second room but neither rooms were on the level of immersive detail and theming than that of the Frankenstein set. I was so blown away by the 8ft monster that I went back not once, not twice, but three times to just stand there and be in awe of the work that had gone into that particular space.

House of Frankenstein Room

In the attic, there resides a screening room which on our visit was playing the first ever Frankenstein movie and in the basement the walkthrough horror attraction certainly delivered some jumpy moments.

There was a very impressive set piece within the walkthrough horror attraction that was made by the same FX company as Frankenstein himself, I was just here crossing my fingers for this full-floor Millennium FX redesign to be greenlit any day now.

House of Frankenstein Pop Culture Room

I’m fully invested in an attraction if it can completely transport me into the story its trying to tell. The basement experience certainly had its moments but a whole floor weaving the story of experiments and Frankenstein’s creation, now that would be special. I’m a visual learner, let me see more, do more and experience more. House of Frankenstein felt somewhat restrictive in that regard in three of the rooms at least.

House of Frankenstein Screening Room

It was a nice touch having an actor reside in the basement, something which the attraction expands upon around Halloween with its After Dark event. The whole building is turned into a four-floor experience with nothing but a torch lighting your path and actors lurking in the shadows.

Bloody Mary’s bar was sadly closed during our visit but it looked like a really unique and relaxing space. With great theming, this small yet efficient space certainly looked the part and with a whole range of horror-themed cocktails on the menu, you can be sure to have a spooky time here.

House of Frankenstein Merchandise
The gift shop contained hoodies, mugs, films and even the book itself which I picked up a copy of. I’ve never read the original story (only seen the movies) so I wanted a good read on one of those cold evenings by the fire.

I thought the hoodies were a tad expensive (close to £40) with a QR code on the arm that takes people to the website which I thought was odd. I can’t imagine why you’d have that on a normal garment as you question why random people come up to you and scan your arm if you’re waiting in a queue or similar.

Dean of the Dead House of Frankenstein

The book was reasonably priced and such things as postcards were charged at £1.50. There is also a brand new range of House of Frankenstein hot sauces that have been created by Dean (a friend of ours) and his company Dean of the Dead.

Dean’s sauces (there are three to choose from) are on sale in the store but they arrived at the store literally the day after we visited, DOH!

Mary Shelley HOF

House of Frankenstein is priced at £15.50 for adults and £12.50 for children. For me, it’s certainly not an attraction that you’d bring younger children to so please take a look at the photos within this article and on their website and use your best judgement as to whether or not it would be suitable for your children.

A little bit of overkill on the writing side of things around the attraction I certainly enjoyed my visit to House of Frankenstein. It’s a must-visit to learn more about Mary Shelley and her links to Bath when penning this iconic story. The attraction brings the story to life I just wished there were more themed rooms to really make that story pop off the pages in more Millennium FX detailing.

Take a look at our VLOG from the attraction below:

The venue is looking to add more additions in the near future and we very much look forward to seeing what they are. Rumours are they’re having an overnight ‘scare’ staycation-type experience at a property local to the venue. Now THAT is something I’ll be keeping my eyes on!

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