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Housemaid torture: Rizwana’s father ‘receive threats’

ISLAMABAD: The father of the minor girl – who was subjected to torture by the wife of a civil judge in Islamabad – claimed to receive threats, ARY News reported.

During a conversation on ARY News’ program, the distressed father of the victimized girl, Razwana, revealed that six to seven months ago, his daughter was employed as a domestic worker in the civil judge’s house. Initially, she used to talk to us on the phone, but the employer eventually forbade her from doing so.

“The employer often got angry and would beat her with whatever object was at hand,” the girl’s father said.

The father claimed that he was receiving threats, that as a poor man, he could do nothing against the judge. He was further coerced into taking his daughter out of the hospital, promising that she would receive private treatment.

The father of the victim girl mentioned that he was approached with an offer to have his daughter treated at a private hospital, along with some monetary compensation. However, he firmly refused both the money and the idea of taking his daughter out of the hospital.

He also appealed caretake Chief Minister of Punjab – Mohsin Naqvi – to assist in bring justice.

Meanwhile, Razwana’s aunt told ARY News that the judge and his wife came went on vacations and kept the girl locked up at home during the Eid holidays.

The incident

14-year-old maid was allegedly subjected to brutal torture by the wife of a civil judge in Islamabad and a case was lodged by the parents of the girl at a local police station.

The wife of a civil judge namely Asim Hafeez deputed at the Federal Judicial Academy – Sargodha allegedly tortured her maid namely Rizwana after blaming her for stealing gold jewellery.

The family of the affected maid said that the girl was working as a servant at the civil judge’s house in Islamabad for six months and she was subjected to brutal torture by the civil judge’s wife. They added that the owners did not pay a single penny of salary to the girl.

Police said that more than 15 torture marks were found on the affected girl’s face and body. The seriously wounded maid was immediately shifted to the District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital for medical assistance.

The doctors of the DHQ Hospital referred the girl to the Lahore Hospital for further treatment. Police said that the torture case will be lodged at a police station in Islamabad.

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