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Hugh Grant spotted hugging fans at the Dungeons and Dragons premiere following Ashley Graham saga

Hugh Grant was spotted hugging fans at the Berlin premiere of Dungeon and Dragons following an “awkward” Oscars interview with Ashley Graham earlier this month.

The 62-year-old British actor went viral for his responses during an Oscars red carpet interview with Graham.

Graham had asked Grant if he was excited by the prospect of any particular actors winning at the Academy Awards, to which he replied: “No, not one in particular.”

Next, Graham asked: “OK, well what are you wearing tonight, then?”

In response, the actor said: “Just my suit.”

Graham then asked Grant about the Knives Out sequel Glass Onion.

“So tell me what was it like to be in Glass Onion?” she asked, adding: “It was such an amazing film. I really loved it. How is it to shoot something like that?”

Grant said: “Well, I’m barely in it. I’m in it for about three seconds.”

Grant singing autographs at the ‘D&D’ premiere

(Getty Images for eOne)

Graham counter-questioned: “Yeah, but still, you showed up and you had fun, right?”

“Um, almost,” came Grant’s reply.

Grant’s responses sparked debate on Twitter, with many fans calling the interview “one of the most awkward interactions” ever.

After the ceremony, Graham responded to the viral clip of her interview with Grant.

After a reporter asked if she had taken offence to Grant’s responses, she told TMZ: “You know what, my mama told me to kill people with kindness, so there you go.”

Graham did not elaborate on the moment further but reiterated she “had such a good time” while interviewing celebrities on the red carpet.

Grant and Graham at the Oscars


According to multiple reports, Grant showed a different side at the D&D premiere where he was happily interacting with reporters as well as fans.

He was joined by his D&D co-stars Chris Pine and Regé-Jean Page at the event.

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