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I quit my boring 9-5 and launched a bath bomb company – now I’m a retired millionaire at just 30

A BUSINESSMAN has revealed his remarkable success story and how he went from quitting his job to semi-retiring aged 30 after making his fortune.

Australian Ashton Jude explained that he decided to hand in his notice at his office job in 2017 so he could pursue the dream of launching a business. 

Ashton has had amazing success


Ashton has had amazing successCredit: Tiktok/@ashtonjude
The company had humble beginnings


The company had humble beginningsCredit: Tiktok/@ashtonjude

Ashton, who shared his success on his TikTok account @ashtonjude, then co-founded Bath Box and started work on making luxury bath products from his garage.

As shown in his TikTok video, it was all hands on deck as Ashton, his business partner Hannah Pereira, and their nearest and dearest joined forces to turn their idea into a success.

Fast forward to five years later in 2022 and the company has now made more than $5million dollars and continues to go from strength to strength.

The bath bombs are now sold in Australian shops and Ashton – who speerheads all things digital for the company – describes them as a “popular Aussie brand” who have been featured in magazines and on TV.

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Now, with business booming, the company operates from a large warehouse so that it can provide to even more customers. 

Ashton explained: “We built an amazing team and business is growing faster than ever.”

On top of that, Ashton has managed to achieve an amazing work life balance, and – by the age of just 30 – has semi-retired so that he can “travel with his family.”

The businessman, who acts as CEO of the company, then shared several snaps of him enjoying family holidays and travelling the world.

Social media users were quick to acknowledge Ashton’s success as they congratulated him on his impressive venture.

One said: “That’s goals right there.” A second added: “Good job!”

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Meanwhile, a third said: “Wow. Congratulations on this cool and worthy result.”

As a fourth commented: “Super.”

The bath products are popular Down Under


The bath products are popular Down UnderCredit: Tiktok/@ashtonjude

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