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INSIDE The World of Jumanji Hotel Room at Chessington

Brand new for 2023 is the World of Jumanji area coming to Chessington World of Adventures but before it officially opens in May the Jumanji hotel rooms have already opened! Step inside as we take you on a little visual tour of the World of Jumanji hotel room courtesy of PJB Studios.

World Of Jumanji Chessington Hotel

The multi-million-pound land launches on 15th May 2023! Brave adventurers will discover not just one, but THREE new rides, including the World’s ONLY Jumanji rollercoaster, Mandrill Mayhem, PLUS two further rides Ostrich Stampede and Mamba Strike.

Themed around the remake starring Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson and Karen Gillian these rooms stand out with vibrant theming and a wonderful atmosphere. The land itself will feature a mix of old Jumanji references such as the board game pieces along with some new references and areas from the new remakes.

World of Jumanji Room

Just one of six new Jumanji-themed rooms at the Chessington Safari Hotel these hotels are a step above the usual standard of Merlin-themed rooms with physical theming pieces that instantly stand out a mile.

Merlin hotel rooms usually consist of vinyl walls instead of physical props and decorations, it’s a very ‘budget-friendly’ option for the interior decorators but these rooms are different.

World of Jumanji Theming Hotel

The World of Jumanji rooms are a vibrant mix of theming and decoration and really create a vibrant and jungle-esque atmosphere throughout the room. I love how the themed sections around the room feature the Jumanji carved board.

World of Jumanji Room Bunk Beds

Within the room, you’ll find little souvenirs such as a World of Jumanji water bottle, a board game, a keychain and even a little plush doll to keep. All of this merchandise is certainly a nice touch but considering the price of the room it’s to be expected.

This is the first glimpse of merchandise we’ve seen from the area so expect this and lots more to be featured when the land opens in May.

Jack Black World of Jumanji Merch

This uniquely themed room consists of a large bed and even a kid’s bunk bed which has duvets themed like a snakeskin with the classic Jumanji logo on it.

World of Jumanji Hotel Bunk Bed

Just lying on that master bed with the jaguar shrine above you looks to be a very cool experience. The themed tiling on the walls gives you that temple Indiana Jones adventure feel and aesthetically it’s certainly one of the more impressive Merlin rooms.

It’s when you step into the bathroom that you remember you’re in a Merlin hotel as some of their old habits just haven’t died yet with a VERY simplistic Travelodge-style bathroom complete with a vinyl shower Hippo on the wall. I feel as though this space could have been much better utilised.

World of Jumanji Hotel Bathroom

Where is that jungle shower feel? There’s so much they could have done with this space and it’s just a lazy afterthought much like the ceiling of the hotel room which is certainly another missed opportunity.

But what about the price I hear you ask?

Well, that’s the kicker.

World of Jumanji Hotel

Prices start around £316 (at the time of writing this article) but have been seen to rise to around £600+ depending on the time of year that you book! 

That is a LOT of money to be paying for a hotel room but how much do you love Jumanji?

Can you justify that price for this room?


For me personally, no, although the theming and sneak peek of the merchandise has me excited to see what the new land has in store.

I want to express a huge shoutout to PJB Studios for allowing us to use the images in this article. We’ve included their room tours of the main bedroom and bathroom within this article.


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