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‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ star Virginia Patton dies at 97

It’s A Wonderful Life star Virginia Patton dies at 97

The last surviving adult cast member from “It’s A Wonderful Life” Virginia Patton passed away on Thursday. She was 97.

The actor died at an assisted living facility in Georgia. Her death was announced by Mathews Funeral Home in Albany. She was born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in Portland, Oregon.

Patton, who played Jimmy Stewart’s sister-in-law Ruth Dakin Bailey in the 1946 film, was remembered by Karolyn Grimes, a former child actor.

“We have another angel! Virginia Patton Moss. She was 97 years old,” Grimes wrote on Facebook. She will be missed!”

As well as appearing in It’s A Wonderful Life, the actress also starred in The Burning Cross in 1947 and Black Eagle in 1948.

Patton’s final credit came in 1949’s The Lucky Stiff. She was married that same year and began a career in business, going on to have three children.

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