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Jeffrey Dahmer Murderabilia Skyrockets after Netflix Release

Jeffrey Dahmer Murderabilia is skyrocketing in value as the Netflix hit about the real-life serial killer has taken this gruesome story to unbelievable heights.

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Evan Peters absolutely blew the roof off the joint when portraying the cold-blooded and chilling serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in the new 2022 hit series Dahmer. A show based on the real crimes of the infamous serial killer.

Murderabilia is a collection of artefacts and relics from famous serial killers that the public can purchase.

Things such as letters from prison, photos, paintings and even hair samples are sold online to collectors who are interested in collecting these morbid yet historic pieces of gruesome days gone by.

It was only a few years ago that we were sent a box of murderabilia including hair samples, dental floss, prison letters and even dirt samples from various American serial killers.

We also still have this rather chilling item in our possession – CLICK HERE

But with the success of the show the current interest in murderabilia has shot up with people clambering to own items belonging to the killer.

Just the other day a whole set of cutlery belonging to Jeffrey Dahmer sold for $300 per item with all individual pieces of cutlery selling out almost instantly.  

A pair of glasses worn by Dahmer in prison are currently on the market for $150,000 although Haunted Museum curator Zak Bagans certainly has his doubts on the authenticity of this particular item with him posting the following on Twitter:

One notable collector in the Dahmer murderabilia market is set to cash in handsomely on the recent show’s success. 

Taylor James who owns the website Cult Collectibles in Vancouver, Canada currently has the biggest Jeffrey Dahmer collection on the planet.

James states that he obtained the glasses belonging to the killer from the former housekeeper of Dahmer’s father Lionel.

Several other items are available on the website including paperwork, letters, family photos and a personally owned bible that Jeffrey had in prison.

Jeffrey Dahmer was imprisoned for life in 1992 after being convicted for 16 murders but was beaten to death in prison by a fellow inmate.

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