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John Lewis Christmas ad: Star kept secret for four months

Supermarkets and high street retailers’ Christmas adverts have become ever more lavish and expensive productions.

Set to a track called Festa sung by opera legend Andrea Bocelli, the John Lewis advert shows a little boy, Alfie, who plants his own Christmas tree – only to find it grows into a carnivorous Venus flytrap called Snapper.

But his family eventually embrace the idea of a new tradition, and even enlist the help of Snapper to open their presents on Christmas morning.

Teddy’s mum Lizzie said it had been “really brilliant” to see her son appear in the advert.

“At the start we didn’t know what it was for – it had a codename ‘Project Dennis’,” she said.

“We thought maybe the boy was called Dennis. It was only when we had the first rehearsal we realised ‘Dennis’ was the plant.

“We were surprised when it was eventually came out as ‘Snapper’ – it was such a big secret.”

Teddy is staying in the festive spirit for his next role in the upcoming Christmas Spectacular 2023 at the Regents Centre in Christchurch.

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