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John Wick Chapter 4 4DX Review: Copy and Paste Choreography

It’s the fourth instalment of a franchise that is best known for its fight sequences than its story, script, acting and everything else that makes a film, a film. Switch off your brain and enjoy, here’s our John Wick Chapter 4 4DX review.

John Wick 4 4DX

With the price on his head ever increasing, legendary hit man John Wick takes his fight against the High Table global as he seeks out the most powerful players in the underworld, from New York to Paris to Japan to Berlin.

Arriving four years later I went into John Wick expecting a copy-and-paste movie with a wooden Keanu Reeves, cheesy one-liners, poor script and incredible stunts and fight sequences that make me forget about its abundance of negatives. 

I got what I came for.

At this point the John Wick franchise is a joke to me, I can see why it makes money it’s mindless entertainment for a mindless generation but this nearly three-hour fighting showreel certainly feels as though the franchise has finally ran out of bullets.

J Wick

The fact that once again John Wick should have been pronounced legally dead at least three times before the finale is proof at just how outlandish and unrealistic this movie is. It’s a dreamworld superhero film where law enforcement doesn’t exist or well, anyone else in the world as every car that runs an assassin over (or John for that matter) never stops to check and see if that person is alright.

Fighting and shooting scenes in a nightclub where the other guests just carry on dancing and don’t react to the fights happening before their very eyes. John Wick is in a dream world where killing people for money is the job of the day and everyone else around them doesn’t matter.

The location setting is near perfect setting a backdrop for all of these amazing action sequences to unfold before our eyes. From a Japanese rooftop to the Paris Montmartre steps you have to applaud the team for finding such lavishly wonderful and vibrant locations to shoot this movie.

John Wick 4

Drool-worthy fight sequences aplenty are what keeps me watching a John Wick movie and some beautiful shots certainly keep me engaged but for its runtime, it drags. Numerous times I was checking the time during this film and it was far from over.

There are only so many times I can see the same flip, the same moves, the same gun fights but to mix it up they’re shot from different angles. It just gets really old really fast and there’s absolutely nothing gripping me to my seat when watching these copy-and-paste scenes.

Bill Skarsgård seems to be the only actor in this movie who is genuinely putting in a performance as Keanu is overshadowed acting-wise by every single cast member and even a lady playing a DJ hosting an assassin’s radio station.

J Wick Chapter 4

Keanu is a worldly treasure who must be protected at all costs but his lines have been cut so drastically in this movie that even he must be asking questions as to why.

Delivering his lines in a monotone and awkward manner that has me thinking this may be his first time on camera all over again. 

But it’s Keanu Reeves, we forgive him, we chuckle at his one-liners, we accept his acting skills are about the same as a teenage extra from Hollyoaks and we move on.

John Wick 4 in 4DX must be avoided at all costs, there are too many fight sequences that the 4DX movement and effects borderline torture. I still stand by the fact that 4DX is tailored for Disney movies only as everything else I’ve seen in 4DX has been nothing short of stomach-churning nonsense. 

Chapter 4 follows Wick and his determination to defeat The High Table whilst avoiding the bounty on his head being cashed in. 

Donnie Yen puts in some kick-ass moves in this movie too alongside Bill but everyone else seems to be dialling in their last franchise performance and it shows. A little franchise fatigue creeps in almost immediately and just drains my will to live for the rest of the movie thereafter.

Bill John Wick 4

Shamier Anderson’s character Mr Nobody is definitely a welcome addition but his arc ultimately fades away and he and his dog go on a man and dog hunting spree. There are some killer (no pun intended) dogfight sequences but his character (and Bill’s) are severely underutilised. I feel as though he needs a standalone backstory for us to fully appreciate his badass nature.

I feel as though even I could take a stab at writing a John Wick script as dialogue is reduced to a bare minimum and only fight sequences drag this movie along but there’s only so much you can do with this copy-and-paste choreography and even our audience was chuckling more times at just how amateurish John Wick can be at times.

It’s a bad movie, it’s a terrible movie, and it’s a movie so weak in every aspect outside of the fight sequences that it still makes money. A generation of people who will lap up these movies time and time again and keep coming back for more copy-and-paste torture.

But thankfully, this instalment feels final. Unless John Wick 5: Still Alive is currently in production.

John Wick Chapter 4 4DX Review by Sean Evans

Our Rating


Copy and paste movie after copy and paste movie John Wick 4 finally has exhausted itself into submission. A franchise that has finally ran out of bullets, it’s been a good run and quite the journey but now, it’s time to retire. John Wick 4 – loving franchise, died pitifully.

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