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Jump On this Virtual Batman Gotham City Escape POV Ride

Parque Warner Madrid inaugurates ‘Batman Gotham City Escape’, the only Multi-Launch attraction in Spain with this Gotham City Escape POV released today!

Joker Set Piece Parque Warner

Opening May 13th Parque Warner has released a virtual Gotham City Escape POV so you can experience what it’s like to ride the park’s brand-new attraction.

Recreating Wayne Manor, the Batcave and the Gotham subway, through a story based on Gotham City’s main villains this brand new investment for the park invites us all to be fully immersed in the world of Batman.

Joker Gotham City Escape

Bruce Wayne opens the doors of his iconic mansion to all visitors to Parque Warner Madrid. Suddenly, upon reaching the library, an unknown signal interrupts the visit: it is the evil Joker, who has taken all the visitors hostage, THE ESCAPE BEGINS!

Gotham City Escape Train

Escape the clutches of The Joker and Gotham City supervillains onboard your very own Batmobile train and navigate secret rooms before the ride experience begins!

The new attraction will send guests on a narrative journey never seen before in Warner Park, lasting around six minutes, accompanied by Batman himself, before experiencing the sensation of becoming a true DC Superhero aboard the first Multi attraction -Launch in Spain.

Gotham City Escape

Over-the-shoulder harnesses will provide a freedom of movement and the unique 98-degree drop atop the 45-meter-high top hat is certainly a spectacle to behold from off and on-ride.

But the adventure has only just begun, as the second launch brings guests face-to-face with DC villain Poison Ivy on the grounds of Robinson Park. The attraction continues at top speed with twists, turns, descents and ascents thanks to another four inversions and two launches that will reach a speed of more than 100 km/h in a matter of seconds.

Batcave Gotham City Escape

The new roller coaster has been a project costing over 20 million euros and is one of the Parques Reunidos Groups most important projects of the 2023 calendar.

We absolutely cannot wait to ride this beautiful-looking rollercoaster and go for our very own tour of Bruce Wayne’s iconic mansion, pick a fight with The Joker and his henchmen and discover the secrets hidden in a Batcave never before seen in the park.

Gotham City Subway

Are you ready for the adventure?

We certainly are, so much so that we’ll be at the exclusive press event the park is holding this week! We cannot wait to experience the ride before it opens to the general public!

INTAMIN Parque Warner

Being such a Warner Brothers comic character geek this is a dream come true. Let’s go!

Without further ado, let’s dive straight onto this coaster! We must admit it’s not the best quality POV we’ve ever been sent but you get an idea of what the experience is like all the same!

Enjoy the video:


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