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Kayne West Selling Balenciaga and Adidas Hoodies for $20

Is Kanye West selling designer hoodies for $20?!

I do love a good controversy and this is the ultimate f**k you to the big corporations as Kanye has said he’s selling Balenciaga, Adidas, and Gap hoodies for $20 in a recent video.

The rapper is currently in the midst of starting a campaign to run for president of the United States of America and in the footage he can be seen giving a tour of his LA shop where his employees are working on sewing machines ready to add Ye24 to various items of very expensive clothing.

Considering the GAP hoodies retailed for over $200 and the Balenciaga items far higher the fact that Kayne is going to sell them for $20 is a bold move indeed, if indeed it goes ahead and Balenciaga, Adidas and GAP don’t have something to say about it.

Getting top-end product and rebranding them for his own campaign is a pretty genius move as he’s stepped on just about every toe you can think of to lose those deals but at the end of the day, they’re his designs if he’s simply using other peoples material and crafting his own designs from various cuts as he mentions in the video.

Adidas recently announced that they would continue to sell Yeezy designs without the Yeezy branding as early as 2023 because they own the Yeezy copyright. As a result of the Adidas and Kanye split the company’s earnings have halved as a result in their 2022 earnings forecast. 

I’m not sure where Yeezy stands on the GAP / Balenciaga designs but I’m sure we’ll find out if these hoodies end up on sale.

Kanye West has since returned to Twitter after Elon Musk’s takeover after previously being suspended for antisemitic comments which as a result cost him the above partnerships with all companies immediately taking his products off sale.

Resale for Yeezy products have soared including the Yeezy GAP Dove Hoodie which can be found online for resale of up to £1000!

I know that no matter what, I’m getting my hands on some of those products if they actually make it to market past what is inevitably going to be red tape and obstacles for the rapper.

The GAP hoodies are by far the thickest and warmest hoodies I have ever purchased and if they’re $20 I’ll be stocking up on enough to open my own store!

Check out the video originally posted on channel X17 below:



Missed the incredible interview that Kanye had with Piers Morgan on uncensored CLICK HERE. The interview was conducted in the midst of all the controversy with the above brands and it’s fascinating to watch.

This story feels like a movie in the making because if Kanye goes his own route with his presidential campaign or even a new route in terms of his own clothing company he could break moulds.

Whilst there’s no denying that his comments were out of order (despite somewhat clearing things up within the Piers Morgan interview) there’s also no denying the mans creativity and quality of product and for me as a consumer can only be a good thing as I look forward to what’s next for Kanye (Ye) in the future.

What do you make of Kanye West selling expensive designer products for an affordable $20

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