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‘Keenly aware of back talk’

Meghan Markle accused of ‘holding grudges: ‘Keenly aware of back talk’
Meghan Markle accused of ‘holding grudges: ‘Keenly aware of back talk’

Inside sources have accused Meghan Markle of holding grudges over ‘silly comments’.

This revelation has been made by a source close to the Royal Family.

An inside source close to the Royal Family made this shocking revelation, in an interview with Express UK. 

The insider was quoted telling the outlet about one instance where Prince Harry and Meghan allegedly lashed out and got upset over a comment made about the Duchess’ wedding dress, back in 2018.

While the source alleges, “Orlando is very sympathetic towards Harry and Meghan and does reach out if he ever sees anything suspicious in the neighbourhood.”

“However, Meghan is keenly aware of a comment that Katy Perry made in 2018 about her wedding dress and is notorious for holding a grudge.”

“While the comment wasn’t meant to be hurtful, Meghan felt under siege at that time and was overwhelmed by arguments with staff, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Thomas Markle.”

Irrespective, “I would not expect to see Meghan and Katy carpooling to PTA meetings anytime in the future!”

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