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Kourtney Kardashian Talks 90s Trends and Bringing Poosh to Coachella

E!: Your team has made sure that Camp Poosh is as sustainable as possible. Tell me about some of those efforts and how we can apply them in our own lives.
KKB: Sustainability is really important to me and it’s part of our brand ethos at Poosh so I wanted to make sure we threw a sustainable event. To apply to your own life, having knowledge about smart changes is the first step, so once you have the knowledge then you can make better choices. I’d say eliminating single use plastic is a great first step, we have tons of articles about this on

Boxed Water, in partnership with Poosh, will be donating to Climate Impact Partners to offset the travel emissions and carbon footprint for up to 600 people. Together with Poosh, Boxed Water will also plant 600 trees via the National Forest Foundation, representing all of the party guests who attend. I’m so excited about this partnership.

Also, composting and recycling will take place onsite. We’re having water keg stations powered by OPHORA water provide refills to campers all weekend long. In our Food Court, all food vendors will use biodegradable plates, napkins, cups, etc.

E!: Camp Poosh has some 90s vibes this time around with caboodles and the Shark hairstyling options. What are some of your favorite 90s that you love right now?
KKB: Definitely Vintage Jeans and the Music.

E!: If you were really going to summer camp, which celebs would be your dream bunkmates?
KKB: My sisters and Audrey Hepburn.

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