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Kylie Minogue Weighs In on Miranda Lambert’s Selfie-Gate Frustration

Kylie Minogue has entered the selfie-gate chat.

After Miranda Lambert stopped her July 15 concert in Las Vegas to call out fans for taking selfies in the audience, the country star drew criticism from fans and fellow celebs. But the Aussie singer has a different perspective to share.

“As a performer, when you don’t see people reacting the way that they used to where they were hands-free and you could really feel their engagement, I think anyone who knows what it was like pre-modern day, that takes some getting used to,” Minogue exclusively told E! News on the July 31 episode. “It can be frustrating, but you’ve just got to manage it as best you can.”

Minogue isn’t the first performer to give their two cents on the debate.

“Miranda, get over it, baby,” LL COOL J shared during his July 19 appearance on Audacy’s Mercedes in the Morning. “They’re fans.”

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