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L.A. Dodgers TV/Radio Reporter David Vassegh Injured On Slide – Video – Deadline

It was one hit that Dodgers baseball reporter David Vassegh didn’t enjoy.

Vassegh recorded a bit Wednesday night showing him taking a ride on Bernie Brewer’s slide an attraction at the Milwaukee Brewers’ American Family Field.

The host of the Dodger Talk show that follows Dodgers radio broadcasts and a frequent TV presence on the team’s telecasts, Vassegh was showcasing“Bernie’s Chalet,” a slide where Brewers mascot Bernie Brewer celebrates Milwaukee homers with trips down a giant white slide in the left-field stands.

Vasseghwent down the slide twice about four hours before the Dodgers’ game.

Vassegh went out of control at the slide’s end and crashed into the padding at the end of the ride. He said he broke two bones in his right wrist and cracked six ribs.

“I’ll learn not to do my own stunts from now on,” Vassegh quipped before the Dodgers’ Thursday afternoon game in Milwaukee.

What happened on the second trip? “That time, it went a lot faster,” Vassegh said. “It was a lot slicker the second time. That’s where it got a little out of control at the end.”

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