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Lili Reinhart On Look Both Ways And Life After Riverdale

NOW: We see your Look Both Ways character Natalie also go on these two very different life journeys; what made you want to get involved with this movie?

I thought it was a very interesting setup for a non-typical rom-com. I thought it was a more elevated story than what you usually see for a love story and a story about a girl’s journey with herself. Look Both Ways showing parallel lives brought in that sort of “hot topic” multiverse aspect that is just so hot right now. [Laughs] So it was good timing. 

But I also really enjoyed the aspect of the happy endings in both lives. Natalie is a girl who has her challenges in each parallel life, and she experiences love, loss, and challenges with her career. But with her really strong ambition and creativity — I just think it was beautiful to see two different lives for this one woman and how her ambitions stayed the same. Even after having a child, she still was trying to make her career work and pursue that. I think that was a very important point for me to get across when promoting this movie. I think people have laid it out as, “Oh, one path she pursues her career. The other she has a baby and she doesn’t.” And it’s like, no, that’s absolutely not true. 

That’s why, when we were putting this film together, we wanted a director who was a working mother. Because it’s not fiction; it’s just not. So, showing this young woman who has a child, but also is pursuing what she has worked for, she doesn’t just drop everything. It was really important for us. And that was one of my favorite parts of the movie.

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