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List Of Movies And TV Series – Deadline

UPDATED with latest additions: SAG-AFTRA, which launched a strike against Hollywood studios on July 14, launched its interim agreements program that allows independent productions with no direct ties to members of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers to continue filming.

The guild has been adding to the list of projects granting agreements since soon after it went on strike against the AMPTP after failing to agree on a new film and TV contract. Under the terms, members “may work on these productions without being in violation of the strike order,” per the guild.

On July 27, SAG-AFTRA began granting casting-specific agreements that allow its members to “audition and/or engage in negotiations regarding casting for these productions, but may not yet travel, rehearse, or otherwise begin rendering services for the production.”

Prominent projects on the list so far include Angel Studios’ Bible-based series The Chosen; the A24 films Mother Mary and I Dream of Unicorns and Apple TV+’s Tehran. Actors able to continue working under these agreements include Anne Hathaway, Dakota Fanning, Glenn Close, James Badge Dale, Ben Foster, Graham Greene and Melissa Leo among others. Movies from the likes of Guy Ritchie and Destry Allyn Spielberg have been granted casting agreements.

Other agreements give films clearance to promote at festivals. A notable film in that category is Michael Mann’s Ferrari, which is driving toward a world premiere at the Venice Film Festival at the end of this month.

On August 14, SAG-AFTRA said that it has altered its agreements policy and going forward would exclude WGA-covered projects shot in the U.S. after meetings with the Writers Guild. The next day, it clarified that distributors looking to acquire films with interim agreements at festival would have to adhere to those terms in order to make a deal.

Below is the list organized by film and series based on the SAG-AFTRA list. Keep checking back as more titles are added (casting agreements are in italics; the most recently added projects are denoted by an asterisk.):


3-2 Pulldown, The
Charles Golding

4:30 Movie, The
Miller Hill Inc.

47 Days
Reel Big Studios

Adult Best Friends
Adult Best Friends LLC

Abla Films LLC

American Deadbolt
American Deadbolt Movie LLC

American Nightmare
New York Nightmare Production LLC

Anniversary US Productions LLC

Ar Racist, The
The AWP Productions LLC

Armadilla LLC

Armored LLC

Assessment, The
Number 9 Films Assessment Limited

Astronaut, The
Rocket Power LLC

Average Joe
Coach Productions LLC

Back On The Strip
MMJ Productions LLC

Ballad Of Suzanne Cesaire, The
Madame Negritude LLC

Beldham, The
Which Witch Films LLC

Ben And Suzanne: A Reunion In 4 Parts
Something Arbitrary LLC

Beneath the Grass
Beneath the Grass Film LLC

Beyond the Walls
Beyond the Walls Film LLC

Bibi Productions LLC

Bird And The Bee
Bird And The Bee The Film, Inc.

Bishop, The
Bring Him To The River LLC

Blackwater Lane
Breakdown Film Ltd

Bloodknot Movie, LLC

Blue Rose
Blue Rose Productions LLC

Bob Trevino Likes It
Chosen Family LLC

Bobcat Moretti Part 2
Develop Your Movie LLC

District 78 Inc

MAP Movies LLC

Bride Hard
Bride Hard Films LLC

Buffalo Daze
3 Buffalo Girls Productions, LLC

Buster Brooks
Buster Brooks Movie LLC

Cafone, The
The Suburbanite Productions LLC

Mirmade Inc.

Chasing Midnight
Midnight The Movie 2023 LLC

Chimera Film LLC

Greenridge Productions LLC

Hermes Film LLC

Backlash Film Holdings LLC

Flint & Stone Films LLC

Summer Man Inc.

Cuando Volvimos A La Tierra

Cub Scout
Wolf Cub Film LLC

Beverly Crest Productions LLC

Dance First
2LE Dance First Limited

Dead Guy
Dead Guy LLC

Death of a Unicorne
Monoceros Media LLC


Desert Dawn
Desert Dawn Film Productions LLC

Desert, A
Capes and Fog LLC

Talking Fish Pictures LLC

Grive Productions SARL

Don’t Move
Dont Move UT LLC

Don’t Trip
Don’t Trip Films LLC

Dos Lados
Suenos Productions LLC

Articine Inc

Draft Night
Thomas Glinkowski

Dream Devil
Outhouse Production Films LLC

Dust Bunny
Dust Bunny Productions LLC

Dutchman, The
Dutchman LLC

East Of Wall
Stetson’s Kingdom LLC

East Texas Oil
2126104 Alberta Ltd.

Escaping Ohio
Escaping Ohio LLC

Every Other Weekend
Small Fry Films LLC

Exhibiting Forgiveness
Exhibiting Forgiveness Inc.

Eyes In The Trees
Eyes in the Trees LLC

Swen Studios Inc.

Fabulous Four, The
The Fabulous Four LLC

Wonder Wheel Productions Inc

Fancy Florez’s Summer Staycation
Diaz de Muertos

Fantasy Life
MVNYC Films Inc

Feeling That The The Time For Doing Something Has Passed, The
The Feeling That The Time Inc.

Fleeing Inc.

Fleeing Inc

Flight Risk
Flight Risk Productions Inc.

Floaters Productions Inc.

Fluxx Film LLC

Fort, The
Cellar Productions LLC

Freedom Hair
MPI Original Bryce LLC

Friends And Foes
Studio Film LLC

From Ashes
Studio 6688 LLC

Beige Fox LLC


Ganymede Film LLC

Glitter & Doom
Glitter And Doom LLC

Good Side Of Bad (2020)
Good Side of Bad LLC

Greatest Ever, The
The Greatest Ever LLC

Griffin In Summer
Regrets Of Autumn LLC

Grizzly Night
Grizzly Night LLC

Growing Pains
Growing Pains Film LLC

*Gunslinger, The
Wild West Productions Inc.

Ick Productions LLC

If I Had Legs I’d Kick You
If I Had Legs LLC

If That Mockingbird Don’t Sing
Boiler Room Productions Inc.

In Cold Light
Lithium Studios II Inc.

Iron Lung
Iron Lung Productions LLC

Isaac Productions LLC

It Came From Within
It Came From Within Movie LLC

Italians, The
The Italians LLC

Apple Slice Productions LLC

Jules And Jonas: The Vertical Truth
The Vertical Truth LLC

Jump Scare
Ugly Duckling Pictures

Just Breathe
Rockwood Champ LLC

Aegyo Master Production LLC

Keyz Film LLC

Killing Moon, The

Killer’s Game, The
TKG Productions Ltd.

King Ivory
Magic Mark LLC

King Of Hearts, The
Midnight Movies LLC

Silverose LLC

Lake George
The Lake George Company LLC

Last Meals
Ortolan Productions LLC

Leaves Of Glass
Sunflower Pictures Inc.

Legend Of The White Dragon
Legend of the White Dragon LLC

Lemurian Candidate, The
Lemurian Candidate LLC

*Life Of Chuck, The
Dance Anyway South LLC

Lilies Not For Me
Wolflight Films LLC

Longlegs Pictures Inc.

Lousy Carter
Lousy C LLC

Love In Storytown
Gemelli Films Inc.

Love Is The Monster

Magic Farm
Magic Marker LLC

Vanessa Ly Inc.

Florida Man LLC

Method, The
Finding Gilbert LLC

Lab 9 Films Inc.

Mistake Film LLC

Mooch Film LLC

Mother Mary
Got a Little Sloppy LLC

Mother, May I?

Santiagueres LLC

Mourning Rock
ZNZ Project LLC

Quiltro LLC

My Hero
Dufrane Productions LLC

My Valentine Wedding
Nferno Media Entertainment LLC

Night Talkers
Rutledge Productions LLC

Oh, Canada
Foregone Films PSC Inc.

Sanctuary Content Inc.

Open Wounds
Once Upon A Lockbox LLC

Origin Of Species
Species Financing and Distribution LLC

It Hunts LLC

Other You, The
The Other You LLC

Outen The Light
Bronx Bison Films Inc.

Pandemonium Filming LLC

Paracosm, A
Paracosm Motion Picture Inc.

Paradise And Lunch

The Penguin And The Fisherman
The Penguin And The Fisherman LLC

Please Don’t Feed The Children

Apparitions Incorporated

Press Your Luck
Luckycharmer LLC

Publish Or Perish
Publish Or Perish Movie LLC

Queen of the Ring
Ring Productions LLC

Rebel Girl
Rebel Girl Film LLC

Redville Movie LLC

Relative Control
Third Act Film LLC

Return To Wickensburg (2023)
The Return Film Studios Inc.

Riff Raff
RR Productions Inc.

Ritual, The
The Rituality LLC

Rivals of Amziah King
Sad Abe’s Inc.

Roar Of The Fire
Fire Film Productions LLC

Rosario The Movie LLC

Roses On The Vine
Roses Movie LLC

Rotting In The Sun
Rotting in the Sun LLC

Scary Tales Anthology
Very Scary Tales LLC

Sell Out
The Benny Dink Movie LLC

Shadow Dance
October Twenty-Four Pictures Corp

Shakey Grounds
Shakey Grounds LLC

She Came To Me
AI Film Production Services Inc.

Shining Hour, The
Cardinal Films LLC

Short Game, The
The Green Jacket Productions LLC

Shoulder Dance
Shoulder Dance LLC

Sod and Stubble
Sod and Stubble LLC

Sound, The
The Sound Film LLC

Space Bears
Space Bears LLC

Star Struck Movie LLC

Stealing Cars
Stolen Street LLCC

Strange Dark, The
Christoph J Messineo

Summer Book, The
Summer Book Movie LLC

Sunfish (& Other Stories on Green Lake)
Sunfish Pictures LLC

Superthief LLC

Susie Searches
Susie Production Inc.

Sydney Vs. Sean
Ryan Powers

Dre Vision Studios LLC

Til Death…Do You
Rubyjewel Media LLC

Tower, The
TheTowerFilm LLC

Cinema DeFacto

Tricked & Treated
Tricked & Treated LLC

Triggermen LLC

Under My Skin
Under My Skin Productions LLC

Unknown Country, The
Morissa Maltz LLC

Until He’s Destroyed
Restricted Pictures LLC

Untitled Guy Ritchie Project
Green Gold Productions Limited

Untitled Instant Pot Project
TraLaLoo Productions LLC

Untitled Jazzy Project, The
Jazzy Film Production LLC

Untitled Peter Greenaway Project
FEG Development Limited

Untitled Rebuilding Project
Crowded Table LLC

Velocipastor 2, The
Belka Strelka LLC

Very Stinky Summer, A
Cinematic Productions LLC

Cinema Conservancy Incorporated

Watchers, The
Hunched Lady Productions LLC

Water For Life
Mill Valley Film Group

Wayfinders, The
Wayfinders LLC

Week End Escape Project
Grive Productions SARL

TXE Westhampton LLC

*What Comes Next
Next Moon Media Inc.

What Happens Later
Terminal 4 LLC

What Rhymes With Magdalena
What Rhymes With Magdalena LLC

What She Doesn’t Know
WSDK Project LLC

Who Says You Can’t Go Home
Rolling Thunder Films LLC

Flannery Film LLC

Wilderness, The
The Wilderness LLC

Wildfire the Movie LLC

A-Nation Media Inc.

Without Consequence
Lost Galleon Films LLC

Yellow Tie, The
Oblique Media SRL

Young Claude
Brick By Brick Productions LLC


Bar, The (Pilot)
James Woods

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction (23/24)
X Factor S2 LLC

Chosen, The (23/24)
The Chosen Texas LLC

Fairwood (23/24)
Metropolitan Sound + Vision LLC

Gray House (2023)
Gray House Inc.

Green Veil, The (20/21)
The Boathouse LLC

Guns And Grams, The Pizza Connection (pilot)
Black Egypt Entertainment Studios LLC

Hal & Harper (23/24)
Bad Bangs LLC

Sight Unseen (23/24)
Sight Unseen S1 Productions BC Inc

Small Town Big Story (23/24)
Activity Company

Tehran (23/24)
Donna & Shula Studios LTD

Underdeveloped (23/24)
Black Jellybeans LLC

When Calls The Heart (23/24)
WCTH 11 Productions Inc.

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