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Look Nice Without the Price With Freshmans Archive

When it comes to designer clothing I rarely see the point if I’m truly honest but what if I told you that you can look nice without the price with Freshmans Archive?

So £600 for a hoodie that feels exactly the same quality as a £60 one, a beanie hat that feels like it’s straight out of Primark but slapped with a badge that increases its cost tenfold I’ve never quite wrapped my head around designer clothing.

Now when it comes to designer accessories I was more than happy to buy a Louis Vuitton wallet as over 10 years later it still looks brand new!

The second I came back from LA I purchased a £200 Gucci belt and that belt to this day still has every stitching intact despite being worn over 1000 times across the last 8 years (no exaggeration).

But the clothing has always been more of a statement rather than a price you’re paying for quality as let’s be honest most of them (unless handmade in a specific country) most likely come from the same factory.

What if you’re a man or woman of taste and just want that labelled item, that statement piece and that limited swag without the hefty price tag.

Introducing Freshman Archive.

Launched in 2017 Freshmans Archive take on second-hand designer clothing but in many cases, the items are vintage, rare or quite simply unique.

Sourcing these items in the best quality and attaching the best price is key to what Freshman Archive offer.

White Supreme Hoodie North Face

A £800 Supreme Hoodie (Retail) hit their website and with it being a collab with The North Face I knew that these pieces increase in value over time, at just over £300 I purchased that thing IMMEDIATELY…. with the help of Klarna where you pay in 3 easy instalments and instantly I had a beautiful white supreme hoodie land on my doorstep that I adore.

The day I wore it I had compliments, two guys come up to me at a train station and said how nice it was and where I got it from, Freshman Archive baby.

The reason for my expensive purchase compared to the much cheaper items on their site? Value increase. Supreme items will only increase in value over time, it’s an investment piece as well as a talking piece.

Most items are around £50-£150 on the Freshmans Archive website but when you compare how much these items are retail you’re getting some limited pieces for an absolute steal.

Their customer service is top notch and their item collection is changing weekly so hop on over to their site and check out all the goodies!

This post isn’t sponsored, they haven’t paid me a penny to post this I was just very happy with their service and will absolutely be back again soon for some designer swag!

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