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Luminate Shugborough Light Trail Review

A beautiful light show for an affordable price as we bring you our Luminate Shugborough light trail review.

Luminate Shugborough


For as little as £15 per person (£11 for children) you can walk through the grounds of Shugborough hall as they are beautifully illuminated with various light sections, interactive areas, a water display, a projection show and more.

After visiting Lightopia at Alton Towers a few days ago we were interested to see what other light trails were in the local area for around the same price.

The Harry Potter Forbidden Forest trail is the most expensive of the light walk-through events we’ve done so far this Christmas season and the Trentham Gardens light walkthrough event is also on the expensive side for what you get for your money so we were looking at more affordable options to suggest to our readers/viewers this holiday season.

Affordable and Alton Towers normally don’t go in the same sentence but priced at £15 this year Lightopia is certainly worth the trip and as a result, we stumbled upon this very event put on by Luminate at Shugborough Hall for the exact same price.

Luminate DIsplay

This spectacular trail certainly captivated my imagination as one minute you’re walking through a forest with talking trees and the next you’re up close and personal with beautiful fairies flying around in their cages.

The walk took around 60 minutes as the trail takes guests around Shugborough Hall and loops back around to the farm area equipped with various food and drink stalls.

Halfway around the trail is a lovely little group of fire pits to toast your marshmallows and a quirky little ribbon maze for children and adults alike to navigate.

There are plenty of photo opportunities as you navigate the mile-long trail and your Instagram will be jam-packed full of festive photos this holiday season as a result. 

Luminate Christmas Light Trail

Staff members are on hand at every photo spot should you need someone to take a family photo and they’re on hand at some of the more interactive stations of the trail including a light show on a set of trees where the correct colour bells must be rung to correspond to the lights on the trees.

It’s safe to say you need more than one person to do this particular game as I was running around like a headless chicken with the lights changing at a rapid rate!

Beautifully ambient music played from start to finish and it had a very magical atmosphere. There is no Santa Claus or festive-themed lighting displays along the trail but it’s the magic that immerses you and the grand finale is incredible.

With a custom soundtrack, Shugborough Hall itself has a whole light show projected on it that is very impressive indeed. It’s around a two-minute show and it deserves your attention, it’s truly astounding.

Luminate Shugborough Hall

Luminate, the organisers are a small family business and you can tell the love and effort they put into their events. Every area is catered for and the introduction of the event lures you in before the real magic begins.

Ushered into the event by beautifully lit trees and a dancing fountain I was lost in a world of wonder at Luminate and for the price I’d highly recommend you go and check it out.

Luminate Shugborough will run nightly from Friday 25th November 2022 until Sunday 1st January 2023 (closed Christmas Day).
Tickets must be pre-booked online in advance.

Reindeer Luminate Event

Check out our VLOG of the event below:


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