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Mannequin Graveyard Announces 2023 Halloween Experience

A creepy attraction without a Halloween event present as Mannequin Graveyard looks to step up their already creepy nighttime aesthetic with a one-of-a-kind immersive Halloween experience.

DOOM TOWN Mannequin

For two nights only this calendar year one of Britain’s creepiest attraction venues will welcome spook-seekers young and old to an immersive mystery event like no other.

With a shop-window dummy collection exceeding 15,000, businesswoman Roz Edwards has gathered what could be the world’s biggest ‘labyrinth of mannequins’. Based in Fulbeck, Lincolnshire, the salvage yard known as Mannakin Hall specialises in restoring figures for shops and films. However, as the season of spooks comes around, families can expect a chilling mystery night like no other!

Those looking for fun and immersion this Halloween need search no further than this totally unique venue. The event, titled DOOM TOWN: A Mannequin Mystery, invites guests to solve the secrets behind a ghoulish ghost story.

Mannequin Halloween Event

The brand new experience has been written by attractions designer Liam R. Findlay.

The idea to create this exciting Halloween event came after Liam finished his new paranormal adventure novel, The Doom Town Dummies, which is all about eerie shop-window dummies!

In a more unusual line of work, Liam works for AromaPrime, who create the likes of ‘rotting flesh’ and ‘musty’ pongs for attractions such as Fright Nights at Thorpe Park, The London Dungeon and Alton Towers’ new The Curse at Alton Manor.

Doom Town Maze

Liam and the creative team at Mannakin Hall have applied their skills, and smells, to make the DOOM TOWN event one to remember!

Event plot:

DR. SEBASTIAN SIEGEL, paranormal investigator, invites you to uncover what happened to the sinister JAMES JR., who went missing here 20 years ago. Does his ghost really haunt Mannakin Hall?
Explore the grounds and meet a cast of quirky characters with links to JAMES JR.’s strange past. Keep your wits about you and expect the unexpected!

Food, a bar and seating means you can take a well-earned break before you submit your theory and await the big reveal!

Tickets for the Lincolnshire Halloween event, DOOM TOWN: A Mannequin Mystery, are available for the evenings of Friday 20th October and Saturday 21st October:

Doom Town Mannequin Graveyard

Liam hints at what guests can expect at the DOOM TOWN event:

“As you step towards this derelict ex-military base, not only will you discover that it is crammed full of spine-chilling dummies—you’ll also uncover a rather mysterious mystery.

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