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Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein: A Must-Visit Attraction!

Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein in Bath is a UK attraction that you absolutely must visit! Let’s dive right into this museum of macabre! 

House of Frankenstein Bath

Very few know that In 1816, Mary Shelley wrote much of the world’s first science fiction novel, Frankenstein while living in Bath.

Known as the gothic queen of horror the House of Frankenstein attraction is the world’s first museum dedicated to the writer with an immersive and modern twist that have you stepping straight into the pages of her iconic book.

House Of Frankenstein Walkthrough

Inside you’ll learn about Shelley’s past and watch Frankenstein come to life before your very eyes.

Surround yourself in all things Frankie with an assortment of pop culture references and original source material content.

Mary Shelly House of Frankenstein

Extending over four atmospheric floors, Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein is an award-winning, multi-sensory visitor museum based in a Grade II listed building where visitors will be immersed in Shelley’s unconventional tragic life and the lasting legacy of her infamous creation.

Bursting with unusual artefacts, ominous soundtracks, bespoke smells and special effects, we also present an 8ft animatronic breathing creature, authentically reproduced for the first time exactly as Mary Shelley described.

House Of Frankenstein in Bath

The House also features two rooms dedicated to popular culture, an intimate screening room showing the first ever Frankenstein film from 1910, a Frankenstein-themed Escape Room, The Body In A Suitcase immersive game and, for the braver visitor, a thrilling horror walkthrough experience in the basement. 

The attraction is set across 4 multi-sensory floors in a central Bath townhouse. There are a total of 11 atmospherically themed rooms complete with aroma and soundscapes and we can’t forget the Bloody Mary’s Bar!

For the brave of you, there is an optional Basement walkthrough experience which is sure to immerse you and scare you in equal measure. 

Bloody Mary Bar

For parties of 24 guests (maximum), you can even hire out the entire venue for as little as £395 (excluding VAT) for private parties which gives you access to the entire venue to explore in your own time.

There is also a store to shop all of your House of Frankenstein needs from T-Shirts to keyrings, oddities and more shop until your heart’s content. There are even copies of the original Mary Shelly Frankenstein book for you to dive straight into if you can manage to pull yourself away from this attraction.

House Of Frankenstein Store

We’ve been told that the basement immersive experience is reminiscent of a walkthrough haunted house with gory set pieces and some confined spaces. So be warned, it’s not for the faint-hearted. If you’re feeling brave head on down to the basement but just remember, it’s optional.

I find museums to be very text heavy to the point where if I’m walking around just reading something instead of seeing it I’ll get quickly bored.

House Of Frankenstein Attraction

House of Frankenstein seem to have the same mindset as myself and has instead created these themed spaces to make the text leap off the page for full visual and immersive effect.

Some of the theming pieces and details from the press images alone are droolworthy. Whatever company came in to transform this attraction (or if it was all done in-house) has created something rather special here. 

House Of Frankenstein July

The attraction also has its ‘After Dark’ events where only the brave few can take on the attraction with the addition of actors and the scares dialled up to 11 for select nights only!

For 10 nights over the Halloween season, the attraction takes on a more sinister feel with a season of horror evenings.

asylumn after dark house of Frankenstein

After Dark Nights to Die For was a complete sellout in 2022 and will return in 2023 with new, more extreme psychological horrors plus extended dates due to demand.

Are you ready for an extreme experience like no other?

House of Frankenstein After Dark

It’s a multi-sensory horror event set over five floors where visitors navigate the building in darkness with live actors, special effects and disturbing aromas and soundscapes.

There’s also a Screaming Room showcasing some terrifying horror film bites. I must stress that this event is not suitable for children!

House of Frankenstein Dolls

I absolutely can’t wait to see what this year’s After Dark event is going to look like, it looks right up my street!

Affordable, informative, dark and spooky House of Frankenstein really does have it all!

Tickets for the museum cost £12.50 per adult with the escape room costing £25pp but group tickets are available from the website HERE

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