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McGregor Forever Review: Subdued Viewing at Best

For all the bravado, confidence and gift of the gab that Conor McGregor possesses it was quite the surprise to see this subdued documentary released which barely even scratches the surface on the MMA legend.

McGregor Forever

McGregor Forever charts superstar MMA fighter, Conor McGregor’s epic journey back to the top of the UFC ladder. This 4-part documentary series is an all-access look at this controversial superstar, along with the deeper history of what brought him to this point.

There are many issues that strike me with this documentary that feels to me like a disservice to the star and I’ll try to list a few right here for you. Starting with that synopsis.

This well shot documentary doesn’t document an epic journey as Conor rises to the top of the UFC ladder. It documents a rather sadder state of events with 3 out of 4 losses and injuries that could cost Conor his entire future. A man who could easily retire with the money he has amassed yet he loves what he does.

McGregor Forever stumbles before it even begins because it’s shot during quite a particularly low point in Conor’s career where his body is just starting to give out on him and he’s gone from being untouchable to rather fragile.

Lost fights, broken bones and emotional tolls put us straight into a documentary that is neither enlightening nor inspiring.

This man has a confidence that we could all aspire to be like as his grit and determination shone through as he rose through the ranks but we rarely see that.

The documentary focuses on gobby outbursts of bravado but we never really see that vulnerable side of Conor for too long. It’s like he can’t relax, he can’t let go and having a camera around him for this documentary makes him even more uptight to dial back certain emotions knowing full well the world is watching.

We don’t get to see the real Conor McGregor during the documentary, we get to see Conor McGregor the persona for 99% of the entire 4 episode series and it’s only the time with his children where we see Conor the father, Conor the human, Conor the family man. That’s the guy I want to get to know, not the gobby Irishman ready to tear the bollocks off anyone and everyone in the ring. 


On a personal note I’m glad Dillon Danis wasn’t shown too much, Conor’s sparring partner but the very same Dillon Danis who backed out of a fight with a YouTuber. Man, he will never live that down. Even having that man in the documentary after all of that controversy just isn’t a wise choice.

Four fights are documented during the McGregor Forever documentary and he loses 3 of them. This isn’t where a documentary should be focusing. If he’s losing those fights we need to see how he overcomes those losses and moves forward but that chapter still hasn’t been written so in that aspect the documentary feels premature.

I’d rather a documentary to highlight my strengths as a person and my weaknesses but also how I overcome those slip-ups to rise above. This documentary sticks with the slip-ups and never fails to recover.

There’s no focus on the infamous Mayweather fight in detail, it’s glossed over. There’s no real family history or even the personal touch from Conor himself as the majority of the documentary is VoiceOver from his trainers and people around him. I don’t want to know what they think of Conor I want Conor to be telling us about himself, his struggles and how he feels.

McGregor Forever Netflix

McGregor Forever is a farcry from the Ed Sheeran documentary which was heart on your sleeve viewing material. McGregor Forever has its guard up and never relinquishes it for very long.

It just feels like it has been made at the wrong time, it’s a comeback documentary without the comeback. It’s the rise again story without the rise occurring. It just seems like a wasted effort.

The amount of respect I have for that man goes beyond words yet the filmmakers don’t seem to have that same mindset. I’d have waited some time before releasing this and end the series on a positive note yet this one hangs in the balance of uncertainty and not once does McGregor feel celebrated, it’s almost directed in a way which feels like he is pitied. 

That’s not the McGregor I know.

I’d certainly give this one a skip and hope the next documentary does this man justice and gives him the praise he deserves. 

McGregor Forever Review by Sean Evans

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As far as McGregor Forever goes, It’s a documentary you quickly want to tap out from and I hope in the future there’s one that is released that does this man justice, an absolute superstar and one of the best fighters to ever grace the UFC.

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