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Meghan Markle claims she ‘didn’t have friends’ in Hollywood

Meghan Markle has claimed that her and Prince Harry’s struggles with feeling isolated in the US are the same since she ‘didn’t have friends’ in Hollywood before the couple moved from the UK to the US in 2020.

In her latest bombshell interview with The Cut, Meghan dished out details about how Prince Harry felt about leaving his family behind and moving to the US with Meghan, where the couple now resides in Montecito.

When asked by interviewer Allison P. Davis if Prince Harry ever ‘feels isolated’ now that he’s miles away from his family, Meghan shared: “Well, look, we’re both building community… I didn’t have friends up here.”

Later in the interview, she also likened herself and Prince Harry to ‘salt and pepper’ which, according to Meghan, always go together.

She said: “We’re like salt and pepper. We always move together.”

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