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Meghan Markle not ‘sizzling hot property’ anymore for Netflix

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are ‘no longer sizzling-hot property’ in terms of PR and so, are virtually useless to Netflix, a royal expert has said in sensational new claims, reported GB News.

Netflix famously signed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on with a multimillion-dollar deal, however, the couple have yet to release anything substantial.

Commenting on this, royal expert Daniela Elser said: “At the time the deal was announced, it seemed like the most obvious and logical pairing… Harry and Meghan would get squillions; the company would reap the rewards of the PR coup of the decade.”

“However, the royal duo is not exactly the sizzlingly-hot property they were back then now, are they?” Elser continued.

The expert comments come just as Harry and Meghan are gearing up to return to the UK next month to attend charity events including the One Young World Summit and the WellChild Awards. 

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