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Meghan Markle warned of ‘danger’ after explosive new interview

Meghan Markle has been warned of the ‘danger’ of not being ‘careful’ with her statements in interviews just a day after her latest bombshell interview with The Cut was published.

A royal expert warned not just Meghan, but also her husband Prince Harry, about the weight of their public statements after the Duchess of Sussex told The Cut that British media used the ‘N-word’ to address her son Archie.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain a day after the interview was published, royal expert Jack Royston said: “I think what Meghan’s aiming for here is to say that social media trolls were calling her children the N-word, but that there’s a porous relationship between those trolls and journalists.”

He added: “She sees a kind of blurred line between trolls and mainstream media journalists.”

Royston then warned: “I do think Harry and Meghan need to be slightly careful about making sure that when they say things, they say them really clearly and unambiguously…”

He further explained: “… Because the difficulty is if people come away with the wrong impression, deliberate or not, they will start to feel that Harry and Meghan should be the most reliable source of information about them.”

“The slight danger for Harry and Meghan is that if they are perceived to be not the most reliable people narrating their own stories, then whether that produces a repetitional impact on them.”

In her interview, Meghan told interviewer Allison P. Davis: “Why would I give the very people that are calling my children the N-word a photo of my child before I can share it with the people that love my child? You tell me how that makes sense and then I’ll play that game.”

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