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Meghan Markle would be a ‘spectacular failure’ to run as US presidential candidate

Meghan Markle’s dream of potentially running for the U.S. presidency has been rejected by a renowned foreign policy expert, who claimed that she has ‘zero chance’ of ever entering the White House.

The Duchess of Sussex, 41, who has made a number of interventions into US politics since moving to California along with her husband Prince Harry, and their children, expressed her wish to run for the US presidential candidature.

Recently, a Washington-based foreign policy expert Nile Gardiner claimed, “Meghan Markle is clearly quite delusional if she thinks she could end up as President of the United States,” as reported.

Gardiner, who was a former aide to the late Lady Margaret Thatcher, stated, “The fact that her name is being mentioned in these conversations is a demonstration of how desperate the American left are at the moment.”

“Meghan Markle would be a spectacular failure as a presidential contender and would not be a serious contender,” he noted.

He added, “She would have zero chance of becoming US President as she has zero qualifications for the job. If she ever did decide to run for the US presidency, the US public would view her as a joke candidate.”

Last month, an insider said to be close to the duchess said Meghan is “convinced she’d be a huge success in politics and is taking it incredibly seriously to run in the 2028 elections.”

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