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“Misinformation Can Have a Very Strong Impact” on Support for Cutting Emissions – Watts Up With That?

Essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Dr. Willie Soon; “… Its all about planting little seeds of doubt” – CBC climate reporter Jaela Bernstien lamenting Twitter is not as enthusiastic as China’s TikTok at censoring climate skeptics.

From the video;

“… if people are exposed to this blizzard of false information about climate change, then their right to be informed about risk is being undermined…”

“.. misinformation can create a false sense that the science is still in question, when its not…”

“… there’s plenty of research showing that exposure to misinformation about climate change leads people to take it less seriously, and to be less willing to support climate actions …”

“… climate denial … erodes trust in science and undermines support for cutting emissions …”

“… misinformation can still slow support for the work that’s still going to decide all of our futures …”

“… we asked social media companies what are you doing about climate misinformation? Twitter didn’t respond, but Meta, TikTok Youtube all did. Two videos we flagged to TikTok are no longer on their site …”

See it for yourself:

I’d love for CBC reporter Jaela Bernstien to explain the difference between being a fascist, and supporting the suppression of dissenting views, to prevent the free exchange of ideas from undermining support for your political cause. But I’m not holding my breath while waiting for that explanation to be published.


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