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Museum of Horrors Brings a Little Hollywood to Stoke on Trent

The UK’s first Museum of Horrors in Stoke on Trent is opening this weekend to the public as this brand new horror venue brings a little Hollywood to Stoke on Trent.

Consisting of themed rooms and experiences the Museum of Horrors has been a three month turnaround project for myself and my business partners Gemma and Craig.

Three months ago we stepped into a derelict building and today we signed off on an attraction ready to open this Saturday to the public.

The museum will offer two experiences, the standard tour and actor days.

Museum of Hororrs Visitors Guide

Actor days are priced at £15pp and will have the team from Central Legion Horror take over our themed rooms and bring a very terrifying and unique experience to our attraction.

On a rare handful of days during each month the entire building will be taken over by creatures as you are led around a terrifying hellscape within our building.

£5 of all ticket sales will go to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Standard tours are priced at £10pp and will contain no actors but instead interactive experiences and a walkthrough tour with a guide who will take you through the building and show you the treasures we have within the building.

Get up close and personal to TV and movie props from your favourite horror movies and shows and partake in a variety of interactive experiences that will put you directly into your very own horror movie.

Museum of Horrors Stoke Map

There is one surprise lurking for 2024 with one more room completing the full building line-up but rest assured there’s a reason why it’s being opened next year as opposed to getting it open right away.

We have to keep a few secrets don’t we?

The Museum of Horrors Tour

Museum of Horrors Opening Date

Venture down our nightmare corridor and down into the bowels of our museum where real-life horrors await. Be warned that what you may see down there might be quite… shocking!

Step by step you will ascend towards the upper floor of the museum as your guide will shine a light on the interactive experiences you will about to participate in before the bravest of you take a seat at the table.

Check out our interview on BBC Radio Stoke two days before our opening day HERE

No phones are allowed to be used within the Museum of Horrors except at specific photo points but guests will be using a more classic method of communication to reach the other side.

Museum of Horrors Fenton

Embrace the apocalypse before traversing our Hallway of Horrors and alas you will reach a mysterious door, what lurks behind it is hungry, you’re going to need your wits about you but this is one experience you will most definitely want to cross off your bucket list. 

Your journey will then reach its final destination as you step into our museum of horrors with a variety of production and screen-used items from some of your favourite shows and movies.

The museum will be an ever-changing and evolving space where we celebrate horror movies by bringing guests face to face with some of the costumes, props and production pieces that made these movies iconic. 

Simon Ellis Museum of Horrors

Simon Ellis from the independent horror movie Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey will be attending our opening day having photos and signing autographs for guests and Simon has also kindly donated one of his costumes from the movie for us to feature in our museum! 

Bookings must be made via Facebook or you can email for booking information.

Send us a message… if you dare!


We really hope you guys appreciate the quick turnaround from derelict building to the attraction you’ll be seeing from this weekend onwards.

The Museum of Horrors will be open all year round, not just for Halloween so if you love horror then come on down and enjoy everything we have to offer!

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