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Natural History Museum T.Rex Tubbz Lands at my Door!

This weekend a Natural History Museum T.Rex landed at my door as this exclusive T.Rex Tubbz in a crate roared into my living room for a quick product review! Thank you to Tubbz for sending me this little collectible duck to review!


Watch out—the deadly T. rex has escaped its enclosure and has a huge new hybrid dinosaur-duck form to stalk its prey!

This officially licensed collectible is part of the TUBBZ range, a highly collectible series of your favourite gaming, movie, TV show, and pop culture characters in duck form!

Featuring incredibly detailed features, this amazing collectible comes complete in a themed display box.

This unsuspecting box arrived at my doorstep this weekend complete with hazard tape and if it wasn’t for this printed identification on the side I’ve have been worried about what was inside!

As I carefully cut open the tape. There it was. My very own T-Rex Tubbz exclusively sold at the Natural History Museum.


Complete with unique box exclusively for the National History Museum this Tubbz figure is much bigger than the normal range of collectible ducks. Standing head and shoulders above the rest the mighty T-Rex looked right at home inside it’s cardboard crate.

With jagged details simulating a dinosaur wanting to escape it’s hard to look at this particular Tubbz and be intimidated or scared. It’s just so damn adorable!

TUBBZ Jurassic Park Box

Whilst the figure inside was aching to be released I thought I’d take some time to explore the packaging a bit more. If you turn it around there are even air holes for the little T-Rex to breathe during transit. It’s a nice little touch and just adds to the overall look of the product.

Having a cardboard crate is great for a smaller range of T-Rex Tubbz but I’d love them to step it up even more and have a wooden crate with a giant sized Tubbz figure, one mammoth T-Rex that would reign supreme amongst the pack.

Jurassic Park TUBBZ

Once out of the box, it’s nothing short of adorable with a Tubbz duck almost inside a T-Rex costume. Either that or it has just been devoured by the T-Rex and it’s living out its final moments but I’ll try to shy away from that scenario.

Tubbz figures are made from vinyl, PVC and water-based inks and it feels sturdy and the colours are vibrant. It would easily look just a good on a shelf outside of its packaging as it would inside of its packaging. 

Tubbz Duck

Suitable for ages 3 and up the T-Rex Tubbz is a nice little collectible piece not just for Tubbz collectors but for dinosaur fans and Jurassic Park fans alike. It’s something quirky and unique and amongst all of the dinosaur themed National History Museum merchandise it sits in quite nicely within the museum shop display.

Most recently the museum were celebrating 30 years of Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster and teamed up with Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment to bring guests a fun dinosaur range. The range consists of plush toys, hatchable eggs, lanyards, lamps, watches, pins and more.

Jurassic Park National History Museum

This little guy blends in perfectly with the range of merchandise on offer and there’s even a themed entryway of the famous Jurassic Park gates at the store entrance! Something as simple as walking into a store has never been so fun and nostalgic.

I want to express a huge thank you to Tubbz for sending me my very own T-Rex tubbz but if you want one for yourself you can check the link below.

The T-Rex Tubbz retails for £20 and you can find him on the National History Museum website at

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