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Newsham Scream Park Review: The Perfect Scare Location

Housed inside one of the most evil and haunted places in the UK we were kindly invited to Newsham Scream Park for their first ever event as the old orphanage / asylum welcomed guests to a scare maze experience like no other. Here’s our Newsham Scream Park review.

Newsham Scream Park

When I say a location like no other, I really mean it! Without so much as an actor in sight there is a weird atmosphere to the place.

The building has a very dark history and only snippets of that dark history are public and can be found online but rest assured that cruel, sick and disgusting patient / orphan treatment in this place goes much deeper and darker than anything you’ll find on a quick Google search.

A courtyard greeted us filled with food stalls with all sorts of lovely food on offer and a really tasty sticky beef with rice awaited me and it was rather lovely! The bar is fully stocked and the courtyard has a lovely little atmosphere and is your rest bite from all the craziness you’re about to witness. 

Newsham Scream Park Courtyard

Three scare mazes await those who wish to visit Newsham Scream Park this year and whilst we were gifted free tickets the price to go into the event for the general public seemed a little expensive. To me, anyways.

With only 3 mazes on offer it seems as though the prices have been amped up a little to cover the cost of the venue, which to a degree (from a business angle) is understandable but it also means that I have to review the event vs the price and that’s when Newsham has a little issue.

I’ll go through all three maze experiences that are offered as part of the experience and then weigh in on cost vs experience a little later.

The Orphanage

Newsham Park

Diving into the Victorian history of the building you traverse the passageways of this historic building and it’s creepy. The whole atmosphere is creepy, cold and devoid of any spirit or positivity.

The air is thick with a negative and eerie atmosphere and the maze has been just casually placed within it, further adding to the experience.

The rooms that The Orphanage scare maze route takes you through is huge, absolutely huge! So big in fact that the scares felt miles away at times but there were more than enough jumpy moments even from afar.

The Orphanage Newsham Scream Park

There’s a solid ending in a corridor that amps up the maze a little but just standing in one of the abandoned corridors alone is creepy, let alone knowing there are people within that area hellbent on scaring you.

It’s a foreboding atmosphere and it’s where fear creators Atmosfear (who designed the maze) have utilised the location wonderfully and only sprinkled a little of their magic to it as opposed to building sets / mazes from scratch like they normally do.

The Insanitorium 


Smell pods aplenty ooze from The Insanitorium maze and it was a step up on The Orphanage maze with more claustrophobic scares, tight corridors and actors hellbent on cornering you off and getting up close and personal with you in every way, shape and form.

The maze starts out by you holding a rope but this time there’s no bag placed over your head like in other mazes you’re just led into the dark but you are absolutely not alone.

Creatures will grab you, pull you and lean into you breathing as close as they possibly can as this up close and personal scare experience introduction certainly welcomes you to a more intense maze.

A solid addition to the line-up as once again you’re stepping back in time to what this building once was and being scared around every single corner.



The only 18+ maze at Newsham Scream Park and this is one experience you don’t want to bring your parents to!

Expect nudity (both male and female) in addition to challenges that involve electric shock pads and even a really awkward scene with a gentleman in a pig mask (get your dance moves ready).

Helluminati has one room where you have to search for lights that’s a bit pointless but this particular experience will have you hooded and at times genuinely unnerved by what will happen next.

I’ve done some intense mazes before and whilst this one was much tamer than ones I’ve personally done I feel as though the general public will consider this one a threshold maze.

Unlike others I’m a bit twisted and I kinda enjoy these kind of mazes but most people will hit their limits with this one and there’s a safe word you can use to get you out of there if necessary.

Newsham Park Hospital

Be warned with this one!

What I will say is that queuing for this attraction was horrendous. You can only enter the maze two people at a time and even with a limited number of people on the press night guest list we still waited over 90 minutes for a maze.

Please do this one early as on a busier day this will be absolutely horrendous. Batching has been purposely scaled down to make it more intimate but it just doesn’t work when it’s such a long maze and queue times will suffer drastically.

Be warned.

Newsham Scream Park Review

Newsham Scream Park Characters

Newsham Scream Park is an experience for those who not only want a good scary night out but for those who want to soak up that Halloween atmosphere and what better way to do it than at Newsham Hospital. 

For me, the mazes don’t add up to the cost you pay to get into the event. They’re good but I feel as though extra has been added because of the location so the price reflects that.

These mazes at any other location would be quite poor in terms of their aesthetic (without the location present) and other aspects but within Newsham they are the perfect blend.

If you don’t mind paying a bit extra you’ll have a great night, you can really make an evening out of it.

Check out our VLOG of the event below:


Soft drinks start at £3, alcohol at £5 and food prices are your standard street food prices (around £9ish) but the portions for me were a little on the small side.

Get some comfy shoes on as there are plenty of steps at Newsham Scream Park but most of all, enjoy every second!

Thank you to Newsham Scream Park for the invite to your attraction and congratulations on your first event, it certainly didn’t feel like a debut event, it had an established vibe and that’s the biggest compliment I can give!

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Newsham Scream Park review by Sean Evans

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