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Oxford Climate Activists Setting Up Illegal Roadblocks? – Watts Up With That?

Essay by Eric Worrall

A shocking video has emerged of anti-vehicle activists illegally blocking a road in Oxford, to enforce their version of low traffic rules.

I don’t know the people in the video above were climate activists, they might just be locals who are fed up with people using their street as a rat run.

But Oxford is kindof a hotbed for extreme green ideology.

In 2022, Oxfordshire Council infamously implemented a climate lockdown when they embraced “15 minute city” anti-automobile policies.

I’m guessing the chokepoint pictured above is one of those points vehicles are only supposed to pass 100x per year. But people like doctors and trades people were supposed to be able to apply for an exemption, and stopping traffic altogether wasn’t part of the official plan.

Perhaps cleaners like the lady in the video above aren’t considered important enough to qualify for an exemption.

I doubt this will end well for the blue haired activist and his friends, if they keep messing people’s lives up with their roadblocks. Other illegal green roadblocks in Britain have ended in manhandling and violence.

I want to make it clear WUWT does not condone violence. The long term solution is for British people to vote for politicians who care about their problems. Even if the candidate doesn’t win, it sends a message. Even lazy politicians care about what happens on election day.

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