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Pakistan minister blames Afghan nationals for ‘rising terror activities’

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Sarfraz Ahmad Bugti on Wednesday blamed Afghan nationals for ‘rising terror activities’ in Pakistan, ARY News reported.

Speaking exclusively to ARY News, the interior minister said that out of 24 blasts in Pakistan, Afghan nationals were involved in 14 of them.

Sarfraz Bugti said Afghan government had claimed that there was peace and stability in their country. “If there is peace in Afghanistan, keep the residents in your country”, he said.

The statement comes when the caretaker government has ordered all illegal foreign immigrants, including Afghan nationals, to leave the country by November 1 or face expulsion.

A day earlier, Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti clarified that the immigrants have been given a deadline of November 1 to leave the country.

Bugti further said that a task force has also been constituted which will take action against illegal immigrants. “Pakistan is the only country permitting entry of people even without a passport,” the minister decried.

The interior minister further explained that the assets owned by illegal immigrants would be confiscated. He pointed out that a web portal is being established to report any illegal activity related to smuggling.

“The names of those who provide any information related to illegal activities would be kept secret,” Sarfraz Bugti elaborated.

Pakistan has seen an uptick in terror activities, especially in KP and Balochistan, after the outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) ended its ceasefire with the government in November.

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