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PM Kakar interacts with students at Oxford Union

LONDON: Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar on Tuesday interacted with the students at the prestigious Oxford Union, engaging with an enthusiastic audience of academics and students.

The Oxford Union, known for hosting influential leaders and thinkers, warmly welcomed the prime minister.

Oxford Union President Disha Hegde moderated an interactive Q&A session with the prime minister, providing valuable insights into his vision on important national, regional, and global issues.

Following this engaging discussion, PM Anwaarul Haq Kakar took questions from Oxford University students, connecting with the next generation of leaders and scholars.

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During the interaction, the prime minister spoke in detail on Pakistan’s economy, politics, security, and relations with neighbours.

At the Oxford Union office, the prime minister signed the Visitors’ Book, recognizing the institution’s pivotal role in shaping global discourse and leadership, the state news agency reported.

Earlier, PM Kakar also visited the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, where he was received by Dr Farhan Ahmad Nizami, the Centre’s Director.

Dr Nizami gave the prime minister a tour of the Centre and briefed him on its efforts to promote intercultural understanding and the study of Islamic civilization.

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The event marked a significant moment of intellectual exchange and dialogue, highlighting the prime minister’s commitment to fostering global partnerships and intellectual growth.

Earlier, PM Kakar has said that Pakistan will soon enter the electoral process.

In an interview with Turkish TRT television, the interim PM discussed the country’s upcoming elections in January and its economic challenges.

“I am assuring of completely fair, free and transparent elections as no specific group will be opposed or supported in the electoral process on the administrative level,” Kakar told TRT.

He said, “peaceful protest is the right of every political party and we will protect this right of peaceful protest”. “But violent protests could not be allowed,” he added.

Replying a question, Anwaar ul Haq Kakar said that delimitation of constituencies was a constitutional requirement, “we have to follow the law and the constitution,” he further said. “Any objection over the delimitation process was possible during legislation in the parliament,” he said. “The election commission could not commit an unconstitutional act,” he maintained.

On a question interim PM said that the Chairman PTI himself withdrew from his ‘US conspiracy’ narrative. “Politicians at a time behave like this to win public support,” he said. “His narrative of ‘regime change’ was unbelievable”. Pakistan is a sovereign state, and we take decisions in the best interest of the people,” Kakar said.

“We will assure that no foreign power could interfere in the country,” he said. “It was the maiden instance when a prime minister was removed from power with a constitutional procedure,” he further said. “There is a constitutional procedure to form a government or remove it,” he added.

On a question with regard to the military’s role in the government, Pakistan’s interim prime minister said, “Unfortunately, civil institutions were failed to perform in previous four decades,” he remarked.

“Military is an organized institution; we require its assistance in various matters. The military cooperates when governance affected in natural disasters or any other challenge,” he said. “We have to enhance capabilities of civilian institutions,” he added.

PM Kakar said that Pakistan has taken security measures after cross border attacks. “There is absence of an elected government in Afghanistan, but a warring group rules the country,” he said.

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