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Police arrest man who tortured father over property dispute

PAKPATTAN: Police arrested a man who tortured his elderly father over a property dispute in Pakpattan, ARY News reported.

As per details, the man along with friends tortured his elderly father for not transferring property to his son’s name. the

Police registered an FIR on the complaint of Ghulam Rasool and the DPO assured him that the suspects would be arrested. The Pakpattan police have arrested his son and son-in-law for torturing the bedridden father.

Earlier, a heart-wrenching video of a woman brutally beating up and biting her mother-in-law over a property dispute went viral on social media.

WATCH: Woman beats and bites mother-in-law over property dispute

According to details, the incident took place in Surat city of India’s Gujarat state, wherein a woman beat up and bit her elderly mother-in-law over a property dispute.

The incident centers around a property disagreement, which led to a heated altercation between a woman and her mother-in-law.

In the viral footage, the daughter-in-law can be seen pushing, beating, and even biting the elderly woman.

Throughout the altercation, a man, presumably the father-in-law, can be seen attempting to intervene and protect his wife, but unfortunately, his efforts prove futile.

In the background, a young girl, approximately seven to eight years old, watches the distressing scene unfold. Perhaps overwhelmed by the aggressive behavior, the child slowly withdraws from the background, possibly driven by fear and a desire to distance herself from the situation.

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