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Prime Hydration Review: Like or Hype?

The brainchild of Logan Paul and KSI as 2022 brought them together as friends put aside their differences and created a hydration company together. We bring you our Prime Hydration review. 


As to be expected from two of the biggest YouTubers on the planet Prime sold out immediately and even to this day stock just can’t meet demand here in the UK as the drink is rarer than unicorn shit to get a hold of.

KSI spoke recently in an interview and said the drink is so popular that people have been selling it on the black market for extremely high costs above retail price.

Usually priced at £1.80 a bottle here in the UK you can pick up bottles of Prime on EBAY (Not like you’d want to buy drinks from EBAY) for upwards of £10 a bottle!

The drink is meant to be a healthier option than other hydration drinks out there such as Gatorade or Lucozade and is made from 10% coconut water which is rich in electrolytes. 

Prime does still contain artificial sweeteners and I’m no nutritional expert but that much potassium in a drink seems insanely high but it seems to read a lot better than some of the companies they’re targeting as competition.

Six flavours have been released so far including Orange, Grape, Blue Raspberry, Lemon-Lime, and Tropical Punch. There’s also a UK-exclusive Ice Pop flavour but like all the others before it, they’re sold out in-store and online.

After some wheeling and dealing, we managed to get our hands on the 5 original flavours and the following review will be based on flavour alone rather than any healthy or nutritional value that Prime may or may not have.

The one thing that stood out for me was the packaging design with such bold and bright colours that would easily pop when placed on a store shelf. What I did notice is that when you take a sip of Prime (me being right-handed) the logo is upside down which is a strange marketing choice.

Upside-down logos aside let’s dive into this Prime Hydration review, shall we?

Orange Prime Hydration

Orange Prime Review

One sip of the orange Prime hydration drink and you’ll instantly say to yourself ‘I’ve had this before‘ this is a very run-of-the-mill orange flavour which bares a resemblance to many orange-flavoured drinks out there.

It won’t blow you away but what it does possess over other Orange drinks within the hydration/energy drink line-up is that it doesn’t have that grotty aftertaste.

It’s a smooth drink, and tastes fresh but is absolutely nothing groundbreaking in terms of flavour.

Prime Hydration is going to stand head and shoulders above their competition based on calorie count and being the ‘healthier’ alternative in an unhealthy market but as far as mind-blowing flavour, it sadly doesn’t win that round.

It’s orange, plain and simple. 

Lemon Lime Prime Hydration 

Lemon Lime Prime Review

Lemon Lime came straight out the gates with a wonderfully fresh scent the moment the seal was broken on the bottle. It’s fresh and inviting but I feel as though this one should have maybe been carbonated. It has that flavour that would just bubble and burst in your mouth if it was carbonated.

Whilst fresh the flatness didn’t amplify the flavour to levels that it could reach and once again didn’t taste like anything we haven’t already tasted before within the market.

Just know that with every sip, it’s much healthier than the other stuff out there!

Tropical Punch Prime Hydration 

Tropical Punch Prime Review

Whilst the Lemon Lime greeted me with an inviting scent the same can’t be said of the Tropical Punch. I have no idea what that first whiff was but it certainly wasn’t inviting, or tropical.

The flavour was very sweet compared to all of the others and reminded me of something but I still (even now) can’t quite put my finger on but tropical, it was not.

A lovely taste but is a little bit too heavy on the sweeteners here for me.

Grape Prime Hydration 

Grape Prime Review

Grape always gets stick in the drinks market, it’s either too much like cough syrup or it hits that sweet spot when its close to Grape Soda in taste.

Grape Prime hits a home run for me and I think I’m in the minority as I haven’t seen one other review yet that has genuinely liked it.

Growing up on Ribena and Vimto may have helped in my decision here but this was certainly up there in terms of the strongest flavour for me only second best to…

Blue Raspberry Prime Hydration 

Blue Raspberry Prime Review

With Grape Prime being a strong Championship Team Blue Raspberry came in with Premier League standards and blew me away.

So flavoursome with the right balance between sweetness and flavour and the taste reminded me of the slushie machines you get at petrol stations or cinemas. It was so, so good that I did my review (see video below) and finished the rest of the bottle whilst the others battled it out for space in the fridge.

The absolute Prime GOAT right here.

Thanks for checking out this Prime Hydration review!.

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