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Prince Harry will ‘blindside’ Prince William, Charles with ‘shock’ memoir release

Prince Harry is expected to ‘blindside’ his family, including the Queen, Prince William, and Prince Charles, with the release of his upcoming memoir, Express UK reported.

The Duke of Sussex announced his tell-all memoir with Penguin Random House last year, and the book is yet to get a formal publishing date, leading many to believe that the publishing might be planning a shock drop for the highly-anticipated book.

It has also been reported that none of the senior members of the royal family, including the Queen and Prince Harry’s father and brother, will be getting an advance copy of the memoir, dashing hopes that the family would get any say over its content.

The Telegraph also reported several sources close to Prince Charles confirming that Harry’s memoir is ‘unlikely to be on his reading list’.

And while insiders say that Penguin Random House is aware that the royal family will not sue Prince Harry over the book’s contents, they also stated: “These publishers are too not the types to publish and be damned. They have reputations to protect. The biggest potential issue is not defamation but truth – accuracy.”

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