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Princess Diana ‘predicted’ her fatal car crash years before her death

Princess Diana reportedly predicted that she would lose her life in a fiery car crash almost two years before her fatal accident in Paris in 1997, reported The New York Post.

The revelation came in a preview of a new Discovery+ docuseries about the late princess, The Diana Investigations, with the Princess of Wales reportedly requesting a private meeting with her legal advisor in 1995 to discuss some thing ‘on her mind’.

As per the advisor’s noted cited in the docuseries, known as the ‘Mishcon Notes’, Diana allegedly told Victor Mishcon about her prediction, and the advisor took notes of their conversation.

The notes allege that Diana told Mishcon about ‘reliable sources’ telling her that ‘a car accident might be staged’ to kill her. The princess also reportedly said that she would “either end up dead or be seriously injured”.

In an eerie turn of events, Diana was involved in an August 1997 car crash in Paris’ Pont de l’Alma tunnel as her driver, Henri Paul, smashed into a pillar in an effort to get away from paparazzi following the car.

Diana, her partner Dodi Al-Fayed, and Paul all died in the accident. 

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