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Robosen Optimus Prime Review: An INSANE Showpiece

Ever wanted to own your very own Optimus Prime but have no room in your driveway for him? Fear not, this smaller-scale Robosen Optimus Prime toy is the perfect substitution, you absolutely have to check this out! Here’s our Robosen Optimus Prime review.

Robosen Elite Optimus Prime


Robosen, the world-leading innovative robotics company, today announced its latest robot, Robosen Elite Optimus Prime is now available to purchase here in the UK.

Back in 2022, Robosen entered the UK market with the world’s first auto-converting Transformers robot, the limited-edition Flagship Optimus Prime. The robot sold out in retailers such as Smartech Selfridges London, Hasbro Pulse UK, Sports Direct, House of Fraser and Game, over the busy Christmas period.

The ultimate item for any Transformers fan sold out quicker than Turbo Man from the movie Jingle All the Way.

Elite Optimus Prime

Where the Flagship Optimus Prime was a collector’s item for die-hard Transformers fans, the brand-new Elite Optimus Prime has a broader target audience, allowing more people to enjoy the hi-tech entertainment experience brought by consumer-grade robots. 

The Elite Optimus Prime is lighter (30%), smaller, and more portable, than its predecessor. It also has an added layer of software and technology that allows it to really do it all, including auto-transforming at the touch of a button or the sound of your voice.

Robosen Elite Optimus

Created and engineered by the Robosen robotics experts in collaboration with Hasbro, the robot stands an impressive 16 inches tall and is painstakingly crafted from over 5,000 components. Equipped with 125 sound effects and voiced by the original actor, Peter Cullen, this is an authentic reproduction of the classic Generation 1 character redefined for fans from every generation.

With 27 servo motors being run by 58 microchips, this version of Optimus Prime is the closest you can get to the real thing, with 39 commands including “Roll Out”, “Convert”, and “Attack!’. Optimus will respond to your voice or give him your orders through the exclusive Robosen app. 

Rocky Luo, General Manager – Europe, Robosen, commented: 

We are extremely excited to bring the Robosen Elite Optimus Prime to a UK audience after the success of the limited-edition Optimus Prime at Christmas in the UK. Our interactive products have been developed and nurtured over many years by our developers and scientists to include the world’s most innovative robot technology. Their customisable features create a genuine human connection like never seen before, and the Elite Optimus Prime really is the Autobot for all.

Optimus Robosen Box

Priced at £699 (£800+ at some retailersyou’re not just paying for Optimus, you’re paying for what is potentially the future of the toy market. A real Optimus Prime that can transform at the touch of a button is the stuff my childhood dreams were made of!

But are your childhood dreams worth the rather steep £699 price tag?

We’ll be the judge of that when we get our hands on one (hopefully) soon.

At the press of a button, the swipe of a finger or even via voice command your Robosen Optimus prime toy will auto-convert into the robot!

How incredible is that?!

Robosen Optimus Prime Review

Robosen Optimus Elite

Optimus finally landed on my doorstep this week and immediately I opened the box to see this beautifully simplistic yet high-quality box design instantly showcasing the premium nature of the product.

Inside the box was a styrofoam case with two lock hinges at the side of the box. Why would a toy need hinges to lock it inside the box I wondered. Instantly the movie Small Soldiers came to mind, if I have to lock my toy in a box to keep it from escaping then so be it!

Within the box you’ll find your user manual, USB cable, charging cable and shoulder add-ons.

Robosen Optimus Prime Box

This robot has been engineered after the original G1 series Optimus Prime Transformer from the 1980s, but built with an added layer of software and technology that seem to give this robot a soul, this premium collectable figure really does do it all—including transforming at the touch of a button or sound of your voice.

It’s quite scary speaking to a ‘toy’ (I use that word lightly) just like you would an Amazon Alexa and then it responds to you in kind. The robot stands an impressive 16 inches tall and is painstakingly crafted from over 5,000 components. Equipped with 125 sound effects and is voiced by the original actor, Peter Cullen.

Just seeing all of the servos working together perfectly in sync with the sound effects of metal clunking and transforming is the stuff of childhood dreams. Seeing the model transform from a truck to the Optimus Prime we all know and love is something that will never get boring.

Optimus Prime Robot Push-Ups

Painstakingly designed and beautifully executed but the fun doesn’t stop there. The second you connect Optimus to the Robosen app that’s when you can download new movements every week including boxing moves, leg day workouts and even push-ups!

There is also a customisation option within the app to design your own programmes and movements. There’s even a video online of Optimus Prime doing Karate kids without falling over. It’s truly mindblowing! 

The Robosen Elite Optimus Prime certainly doesn’t feel like a toy to me though, that’s my only negative feeling about this. It’s not something you can simply pick up and play with. It’s more of a spectator sport where you tell Optimus what to do and you observe him doing his thing. He’s the ultimate showman. 

Robosen Optimus Prime

It detaches me from that childhood toy experience in that regard but there’s no denying how incredible this piece of kit is, but it needs space and lots of it! Even on a big computer desk such as mine, it was adamant about falling off the table numerous times! Make sure it has lots of room and make sure it’s used on a hard solid and flat surface.

Robosen has created something special here, it’s well-built and a beautiful thing to witness. It also won’t be the last product of its kind with a Buzz Lightyear already being worked on as we speak!


The big question is, is it a toy? For me, no. It’s a tech demo, a glimpse into the future, a showmanship of engineering and the potential of what can be one day.

But a toy, it is not.

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