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Sainsbury’s PRIME Hydration In Stock 21st Feb

Sainsbury’s PRIME Hydration is set to be on sale officially tomorrow as they become the latest supermarket to sell this viral hydration drink.

PRIME Orange and Mango KSI

A drink that has gone down an absolute storm here in the UK has sent the country into a frenzy as YouTube sensations Logan Paul and KSI are cashing in on their PRIME Hydration drink that has been selling out up and down the country ever since it was released.

Aldi was the last retailer to stock the beverage in a 24-hour-only promotion and most stores in the country sold out within an hour with my local store, in particular, selling out after 15 minutes!

Resale value on sold-out drinks has skyrocketed with some bottles going for over £100 each including Wakey Wines in West Yorkshire who have been cashing in on this viral trend and overcharging people an absolute fortune to make a quick buck to many people’s disapproval. I’m sure he cares, with all that money. 


The drink will soon be available in Sainsbury’s including the new limited edition KSI flavour. A flavour introduced to the UK only so that finally Americans can see what it feels like to have a flavour in short supply with all flavours being readily available in the states.

Sainsbury’s PRIME Hydration is set to sell quickly but it is not confirmed which stores will be selling the drink as of this moment in time it has been confirmed that Morrisons will also be stocking PRIME Hydration in the near future although a date for that too has yet to be confirmed.

Prime Meta Moon

(C) Prime Hydration

Sainsbury’s, ASDA and Spar stores are the only three retailers currently in the UK that are stocking the drink.

Limited edition flavours will cost £2.50. On the other hand, regular flavours such as Lemon Lime, Ice Pop, Blue Raspberry, and Tropical Punch will cost £2.

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