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Sanya Richards-Ross Comes Thru With A Creative Gender Reveal!

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sanya Richards-Ross has been open and honest about her pregnancy journey, and she’s now sharing the gender of her unborn child!

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Sanya Creatively Shared The News Through Instagram

The four-time Olympic gold medalist shared the sex of her unborn baby on Friday (Sept. 22) by posting a video to Instagram.

The upload featured Sanya and her husband, former NFL star Aaron Ross, playing tug of wag with their firstborn, Aaron “Deuce” Ross II. The athletes were on opposing sides, with Sanya donning pink for “Team Girl” and Ross wearing blue for “Team Boy.”

As a sweet touch, the color of Deuce’s clothing would change to the corresponding color as his parents pulled him to their respective sides.

Then, they all get pulled to the “Team Boy” side, and Sanya’s pink outfit turns blue, signaling that they have a baby boy on the way!

Peep the reveal down below.

Sanya Richards-Ross Became Pregnant Shortly After Suffering A Miscarriage

RHOA viewers will recall that Sanya announced that she was pregnant this past season, and Deuce was elated over the news.

Sanya filled her son in right away, and he was vocal about wanting a baby sister. In fact, Sanya at one point remarked, “We have not thought of one boy name, Deuce.”

Additionally, footage highlighted Deuce rubbing Sanya’s tummy and praying for a sister.

However, Sanya eventually suffered a “traumatic” miscarriage, and she recounted the experience during the RHOA season finale.

One month later, though, Sanya became pregnant again, and she proudly showed off her baby bump during the recent RHOA reunion. She also told PEOPLE, “I didn’t think it’d happen so quick again.”

As for when she’s due, she shared that her baby is scheduled to arrive on Dec. 25, 2023.

Congratulations to Sanya-Richards-Ross and Aaron Ross!

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