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Saw the Ride Merchandise Brings the Heat this 2023 Season

It’s time to play a game as the brand new for 2023 Saw the Ride merchandise has certainly blown me away, so much so that I ended up purchasing quite a few items!

Merlin parks have been expanding its merchandise offering for some time now with a wonderful array of designs across its merchandise ranges. The parks are open which means the park shops are open and the floodgates are open to purchase some Saw the Ride goodies! 

From intricate clothing designs to mug designs and even resins this year has been some of the best merchandise seen at Thorpe Park in many many years.

Billy the Puppet Saw Doll

The Saw the Ride merchandise for 2023 is no exception with the brand new addition of the Billy Puppet Plush Doll with its buttoned tuxedo and sparkly red shoes it’s as cute as it is terrifying, and I have to be honest, the price tag is a little terrifying too.

Priced at £20 it’s certainly an expensive plush but it’s still flying off the shelves and if you’re a Merlin Pass holder you get 20% off bringing the total to £16.

Saw the Ride Resin

Up next is the Billy the Puppet resin which features Billy on a tricycle, it’s much smaller than other Saw resins that have been released but once again the pricing is a little bit steeper than it has been in previous years priced at £12. But with your Merlin Pass, it comes to £9.60.

Is it expensive? Yes

Is it worth it? To me, yes!

I feel as though the resin could have been much bigger but as far as detail goes it has it in spaces and the logo really pops on the grey resin colour. 

Saw the Ride Mug

Last but certainly not least is this Saw the Ride heat changing mug where once hot water is added to the mug the spirals glow a lovely bright red, the mug is well made and is priced at £12 (£9.60 again with a Merlin discount)

There is a Billy the Puppet mug of the puppet’s face but it felt thin and cheap and looked very susceptible to breaking very easily so I left it. It was certainly a display mug and too thick and chunky for purpose.

Saw Ride Merchandise

The whole Saw the Ride merchandise collection along with the rest of this year’s Thorpe Park merchandise is so on point. It’s a lovely collection of all goodies for fans of all ages and the clothing is a cracking mix between leisurely homeware and everyday outdoor hoodies that are thick and well-constructed.

It’s a step in the right direction for Merlin merchandise and Saw the Ride merchandise really is the perfect range for Saw fans of all ages.

Everything seems to be going in the right direction for Merlin at this moment in time. Investing in new attractions, the parks getting some good updates and restorations and everywhere you look there’s something new or refurbished wherever you go. 

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